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Our company was founded by a group of truffle collectors with the purpose selling our products together. Since we sell own products, can keep prices down. Over past few years, exported truffles to Italy, Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. If you wish get in touch us, or are interested detailed offer, ….
AAA Haz Ltd.
We are specilaized in wild mushroms as boletus edulis, yellow chantarelle, morel. The product's to be sold fresh, dried or frozen. In the near future we will set up a cannery and start supliying wild mushroom's in special liquor..
Rivulus Bt
Company from Hungary importing directly from growers and selling in Hungary and Romania fresh cut tropical flowers (Heliconia, Ginger, Shampoo, Musa, Anthurium, Gypsophila) , roses from Ecuador, tropical fresh cut foliage. Best prices..
Address:Vorosmarty 3
Kabala Kereskedo Kft.
He Kabala Commercial LTD is a hand tool wholesaler enterprise (scythe, sickle etc.) The was estabilished by Geza Homonnai, and it has started as family since 1988. Now the 4000 m2 place for storage with infrastructure. scythe factory of Arti european logistical center in Hungary 1. January 2010. We have got ….
Address:Simai u. 8.
Address:Agancs u
Herbal Hungary is established strictly for retailing fine quality Kratomand Kratom extract in the European Union and across the world..
Ulloparti Gazdaszovetkezet
Address:25 Liget str
Chemserv Engineering Co., Ltd
Chemserv Engineering Co. Ltd is a chemical engineering company with broad experience in the field of fertilizer production, technology modification, enhancing effectiveness. We do consulting and advisement. trade urea, NPK's alginit chemicals grains much more product. ….
Address:Nagyszombati u. 1.
Kohut Butor Ltd
Address:Arany J. u. 88.
Reditus et Consiliatio Inc
Address:Kelenhegyi Ut 60b
Address:Bem U. 32.
Dara-COOP Kft.
We are a food processing company established in 1992 working on Hungarian and other EU markets, performing job work for several multinational clients (Masterfoods, Nestle, etc.) delivering products with methods (grinding, picking, packagin, to local international clients. For the safety of our ….
Address:Berkert U. 129.
ISV Hustermelest Szervezo ZRt
Hungarian company, dealing with pig and poultry technology. Our company is working on Hungarian pig and poultry market since 1968. At the beginning we were dealing with just pig technology and feeding.