Euro Noliker Ltd
The company's profile is focused on the wholesaling activity of tuning parts, radar detectors, laswer jammers and xenon lights for petrol and diesel engines..
Address:Agropark 4.
Varga Muhely kft.
Vehicle elctronics and diagnostics in Hungary. Our company was established in 1986. Since 1986 we repair cars and montorcycles. Our profil to repair starters, air conditonal systems, and other electric parts..
Address:Csomorkanyi Utca 24
Zsirai Andras I.E.
Address:Danko Pista utca 2.
Premium Antenna Kft.
We work on the Hungarian market since 1995. We exist in Hungary and offer one of the widest range of auto radio and GSM / GPS / TV antennas. Our clients are installer and garages. We are looking for other antenna producers for our supply..
Address:Lehel Str. 58.
Pal Baranya Ev
Little car tuning shop from Hungary, located near to the capital, Budapest. Mainly sells electronic, racing and performance parts for any type of cars. Looking for new suppliers from all over the world..
Address:Baktay Ervin U. 23.
Pannon LKW Bt.
Our company sell TRUCK spare parts in Hungary. We would like to buy break pads, break discs, drums, clutches, air springs, and oil-, gasoline-, and air filters for trucks and trailers. We are searching, for good quality products with good prices..
Address:Forro U. 30.
Magyar Jarmutechnikai Zrt.
We are the Magyar Jarmutechnikai Zrt, a vehicle technical company. manufacturing buses. In this year, we in tender with 52 double decker low floor city bus. producting on to Turkey Istanbul. At time transporting orderer 42 working base of own plan and team. moment starting our new project solo hope for it an ….
Loko-Metal Ltd.
Address:Kertvarosi Ut 34
DSS-MP Magyarorszag Kft
Address:Erzsebet kir 125
Dialogist Kft.
Address:Leshegyi u. 15.
Tora Trade Kft
Address:Meszaros L. utca 3 / a
Globe-Carex Kft.
You Tuo Kft.
Address:Pava Utca 8 room 204
Kaibas Robert
Malupe-Agro Ltd.
Address:Kossuth 104
Weston-Air Kft
Address:Kossuth 10.
TC Europe Kft
Address:Szolokert utca 4 / B
Our company is the exlusive distributor for pick-up hardtops (canopies) and tonneau covers. We have very large stock in Budapest, Hungary (more than 1200 hardtops) we can supply you also from our factory Bankgok, Thailand. covers available ALL pickup brands! tonneu has TUV Certicate equipped with many ….
Address:Szentendrei Ut 89-93
Auxiliar LTD.
Our firm 13 year vocational pasts are at disposal of the safety technology, electronics innovation, and it attained outstanding results car alarm systems on area. Our produced products keep a step with the all-time technical development..
Address:Bercsenyi Str. 2 / B. 4 / 7.
Address:18 / Szilfakalja
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