Allchemie Ltd.
Allchemie Chemical Trading Ltd. Is an enterprise with export- import activity of chemicals distribution.We have acted a significant part the chemical product trade in Middle-East Europe since 1999, our head office and stockpile is located Balatonfuzfo.Our flexibility direct contacts manufacturer ….
Address:Nike Krt. 9.
Carbon Black Ltd.
We are an official dealer of Russian origin jaroslavl carbon black. Our company is based in Hungary with our head office and packing plant, loading station where we pack the material ship it to customers all over Europe. have a long business relationship customers/company established 1996/whos mayor tyre ….
Address:Toldi u. 57
Gomoa trade
We are located in the center of Eastern Europe in Hungary. We buying wild mushrooms over Eastern Europe and selling them as raw materials to craft industris. We buy Amanita muscaria (fly-agaric) and Amanita pantherina (panther cap) dried mushroom..
Address:Martos Flora 2.
no profile.
Address:Makoi 39
Brenntag Hungary CoLtd.
Address:Banyaleg 45
Magic for you
Address:Lajos u
WL Research Chemicals
WLRC is a small, independent business based in Hungary, supplying analytical standards of rare and novel chemicals..
Address:Kiscsibe 38
Address:Kondor B. u. 1.
The company, specializing pearl pigments, encompasses research, development, production, sale and service. company receive ISO9001-2000 quality system certification in 2003. it owns international advanced testing equipment, strict assurance modern management method. Supported by the R& D ….
Address:Gepmadar u3 / 4 / 26
Agro-Chemie Kft Budapest
Address:2, Banyaleg
Luminochem Kft
Address:Berlini u. 47-49
Chemo Invest Trade LLP
Address:Montevideo 3. b
Carbon Black Ltd
Address:TOLDI U 57
St-Galanthus Kft
Gardentox Kft.
Address:Hrsz. : 7717 / 22
hartfield & haul ltd
Address:Kassai 3
Gabomix Feed Ltd.
Distribution of raw materials for animal feed. Searching vitamines, trace elements, amino acides, feed additives mid and east europien market. We need direct business with producers. Our interest to set up a Central europian distribution logistic center Chinese materials. ….
Address:27 Balazs Str.
Chemisa Ipari ES Kereskedelmi Kft.
Our company was founded in 1990 to produce special lacquers mostly for the manufacturer industry of flexible packaging materials, and other purposes as well. During our many years operation we have become highly experienced this area. production pallet consists two major product families: ….
Address:Fuzfa 17.
Medikemia Co.
In Hungary, prevent is the car maintenance product family with largest choice and longest history. Medikemia as manufacturer has been engaged in development, production sale of commodities for motorists 30 years. The group over 100 articles represents benefits experience gained these years.Medikemia ….
Address:Zsambokreti Sor 1a