Visual Solutions Ltd.
Visual Solutions Ltd. Was founded in 2002 by former executives, managers and employees of an electronic scoreboard manufacturer company to accomplish their new concepts. This team has earned extensive experience most the market segments spending average 12 years' international market. They were ….
Address:Kesmark U.24-28
Zotmund & Athos
Computer dirtributor in Hungary, and the eastern Europe, Every year we lookin for a new pruduct in the CEBIT (Hannover) there i found this web side. Lot of new product in the CEBIT.
Address:Brassoi U. 7.
RHW Computer Kft.
Computer component trade..
Address:Kiraly u. 67.
NINA 2001 Ltd.
Technology transferLicences and know-howEngineeringSpecial manufacturing equipmentsFranchise networkGroup purchasing.
West-Mix Trade
The company is locaceted in Hungary as a wholesaler of surplus and clearance stock. Our aim to get new suppliers form the UK market. We are interested mixed pallets quality goods containing housewares, clothing, gifts, electrical equipments, toys games, bags luggage.If your goal sell stock foreign ….
Address:Zrinyi U 4
Skymol Corporation
Skymol Corporation is a leading provider of on-demand eCommerce, live help and customer service software using voice, video text chat communications, thereby helping e-business leaders to increase sales, reduce operating marketing costs, provide higher level their customers web site visitors. ….
Address:Gyumolcs St. 21
Sky Laboratories Ltd is privately owned engineering manufacturing company located in Hungary. The founders and managers are well known security industry for more than 20 years, gained experiance at multinational companies various positions. focusing to reform the traditional alarm / transmission ….
Address:Kerekto 2
PRO Labor Kft.
Our mission is to help you establish and maintain an effective presence for your business in the Eastern Europe region. We help you to brand, expand and promote your products and activities. Our main area: Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Szerbia & Montenegro..
Address:Kertkoz U. 15. 2 / 3
Monstercomputer ltd. Is a hungarian based company that specialises in offering re-marketing solutions. We can offer you wide range of laptops pda's tft's for competitive prices. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us..
Address:Jokai Str. 13-17
It was founded 1996, Commersial trading company. Main services including selling and buying computers, maintenance, writing programs for bookeepers. Also selling and installing security systems (CCTV cameras)..
Address:Szabadsag Ter 8 / 27
Makrotex Ltd.
Makrotex Ltd. Was established in 1989. Our main profile is traiding with used computers, monitors and other computer equipments. We are a wholesaler-one of the biggest Hungarian shops. have our own service-we guarantee for products too. ….
Address:Matyas Square 17.
Rendelnet Ltd.
We are the first computer shop in Budapest / Hungary. . . Or second. . . Or third: ) We need computer accessories [USB accessories] and printer components [ink cardridges, laser toners]..
Address:Hold Utca 6. 4 / 5
Address:Berc utca 1
Address:Japan Fasor 105.
Zee tech. phones iternational
Address:ring way st peters way avenue 12
Here, at Masterdisc we stand for diving into work with a young and fresh enthusiasm. For taking every tiring from our clients meeting their expectations in aspect of manufacturing.Hereby offer so-called one-stop-shop service, which means, that not only cd, dvd or blu-ray replication, but authoring, ….
Address:Szuglo street. 60-62
Jaszai Laszlo E. V.
Address:Monostor utca 2 fszt 3
Address:bartok bela
Address:Borz 11
GGIS Mobile Phones Limited
We are GGIS Mobile Phones Limited founded in the year 2005, Established and located Hungary as one of leading Electronics products such Digital product like Phones,Laptop,Video Games with 100% original product. Since Establishment this company, we have gotten almost 100 customer within outside Finland ….
Address:30 / B szilagyi Erzsebet fasor
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