Rozsdas Ltd.
Our company is in the ferrous and non-ferrous scrap market from 1996. history started as a small center of Hungary. For now we became strong medium-sized enterprise, delivering to several Western ans Eastern European foundry. We are looking for new partners sell scraps, mainly copper brass, quality ….
Address:Baross Str 1
Di Hwa Enterprise Kft
We are a trading company in Hungary and we supply multy layer parquet to eastern Europe with top layers from wood species like American Cherry, Walnut, Teak, Tigerwood, IPE, Wenge, Merbau, etc. also construction companies as well truck trailer producer other merchands plywood, blockboars, chipboards ….
Address:Matko II, Ker 78
We design and construct water treatment systems small to large scale.Also we undertake training of local personnel, commissioning.Our equipment is sold worlwide, in the near east, for western countries as well.We can supply with house hold size purification device fit on taps, or sea plant too.We have a ….
Address:Tüske u.
Ep-komix Ltd.
Our company has been carried out activity in the building industry until now. Recently we recognized importance of nature protection and recycling, so directed our business towards these fields. Together with Hungarian Village Development Welfare Programme Society its director Dr. Ferenc Puskas UNIDO ….
Address:6. Kossuth Lajos Utca.
Juratex Kft
Juratex KFt a great importer of chrome tanned cow split and working gloves in Hungary. We sell to all European country we are exporter textil waste/mosthly denim/we can export using for sector, different quality. want the mosthly with CE certifacate.We worldwide big quantity waste mostly unusable denim, ….
Address:Iskola U21
kukk r&d ltd
R&D and consulting in environmental renewable energy technolgies, processes products. Proprietary, patented technologies, Biodiesel, Solbent assisted, affordable innovative tecnology, ground water remediation: Bio-membrane-stripper, recycle: Paper sludge reuse, waste treatment: ….
Address:Szigetvari 1
Address:Kozponzi Ut 17-19
Address:Nagy Lajos 24
Hungarian Mineral Water
Euro-Novex Ltd.
Euronovex Ltd is the largest Hungarian tire processor. We offer 99.99% pollutant free crumbed rubber and surface activated rubber powder. We also deal with used tires and waste rubber..
Address:Abrahamtelek 55 / a
Bogat-fem BT.
Address:Deak Ferenc
Karavan Coop
Address:Besztercebanya street 89
Kimpex Intertrading Kft
Address:Vasmu street 41 / 24
Maktextmark Ltd.
Our company has been processing textiles and producing cleaning rags since 1997. We import second-hand clothes basic material of rag from Western Europe. sell in sacks bales. main profile is selling on Hungarian European markets. Cleaning produced according to quality, composition colour different ….
Address:Elod 2
International Logistic Gateway
Address:Gyomroi u. 140
Granulatum kft
Plastic processingGrinding - extrusion - transmission - reception - processinglooking for tire processing machinepartners are looking for raw material acquisition - is ready to substance - the sale of more granularwage grinding, granulation,.
Address:Tihanyi Arpad u. 83
Address:Kazinczy 49
Tintoria Piana mgr
The company Tintoria Piana MGR is one of the world leaders in supplying dyed textile fibres. It's born from an historic group Italy, its daily production 100 tons cotton and about 25 bleached combed noils. Dyed fibres are packed bales wrapped with polypropilene films: weight each bale 200 / 300 KG. ….
Address:Tihanyi A
Econoplast Ltd.
We are plastic recycler in Hungary. Our main product is hot washed PET flakes. We also have PP, ABS, PS..
Address:Futohaz utca 11
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