Vary Trade Inc.
We are vary trade inc. registered in USA, state of delaware and have office Hungary (Europe) . an international trading company with clients from all over the world. not interested investing stock market. So, dear agents, please stop wasting each others time. ….
IMPEX Solution Ltd.
We are exclusive agent of WATT energy drink, we shall like to develop a business relationship with exporters and manufacturers. We wanted Energy Drink distributor in China, Africa, brazilia and Mexico and Europe..
Address:Zambelli 31
Volvox Ltd.
We are well respected dealer in fruit juice concentrates in Hungary. We provide the hungarian market with concentrates and other additives. For some time aruse our interest the bio-products. Last year we start the production of bio rose-hips vinegar..
Address:Szendrey Julia str. 3
The Vaja Ltd. Is a private companyWith sole ownership. Its founder isMr. Gyula Balogh. Foreign tradeActivity is completed by the BudapestOffice of company. Production isBased on apple juice concentratingFactory at North-EasternPart Hungary. fruits to beProcessed are delivered smallFarmers nearby. ….
Address:Rohodi U. 2.
West Com 2000 Inc.
West com 2000 inc. Is an offshore trading and consulting company established in 1996. Our main mission is to make strong marketing research find the best products our clients. We have large experiance worldwide business we represent a few manufaturers too. ….
Address:Martinovics Str.10.
We are a manufacturer, operator and holesaler of vending machines. serve you totally concerning capsule items ( 36mm,50mm,96mm capsule), bouncing ball (27mm,32mm,45mm different mixes).Many jewellery mix, sticky toys, plush plastic acrylic rings other what can sell form ….
Address:Mokus 9
ZIP Technologies Ltd
Manufacturer of brewing and wine making equipments, stainless steel tanks for food industry.Our company provides the Customers with turnkey products.We use high quality raw materials of such grades like AISI 304,316..
Address:Fonoda U 34-36
Stefi 61 Kft
Our company is mineral water supplier in Hungary. We deal with 0,5/1 litre of high quality mineral water. Our capacity is very high. We are looking for buyers from all over the world. We can guarantee high quality and excellent service at a reasonable price.
Address:Dolmany street 5-7
Specific L. Ltd.
We continuously import various products for our hypermarket partner. It is mainly tinned fruit that we provide. are in strong business relations with practically all major factors of the Hungarian market, and concentrate on mass products. also touch a group construction materlials dealers, which ….
Address:Szent Istvan str. 1.
S. Management Bt
We are from Hungary established in 1996, we deal with import and export of mainly foodstuffs like honey, canned food, organic conventional products, food additives, agricultural goods fruit, vegetable, seeds, etc. Besides undertake a presentation foreign firms our region. touch several domestic can ….
Address:Matyas Kiraly 10 / A
PET-Pig s.r.o.
Address:UL. J. Gagarina
Globimpex INC
Globimpex Ltd originally US based trade company with world wide locations (US, F / E, and EU) . We have world wide distribution chanels from electronic components till food & beverages We are supplying market leader companies..
Address:Vadrozsa U. 17.
RUXIMP LTD has been in the import/export business for last ten year with trust and agreements of surrounding countries. Mainly dealing food products from Hungary supplies catering restaurant hotel chains. The scope company includes supplying raw material, technologies know-how to plants. ….
Address:Gyulai Ut Hrsz.1385
Cranberry Ltd.
We are the manufacturer of the ultra-premium RUBYRED Cranberry juice. Products are packed in The European Union and available in 1 litre metallic TETRA Prisma packages for Worldwide distribution. for more information about the products please contact us..
Address:Krisztina Krt. 2-4.
Partner 21 BT
- we are a small company in budapest- we were based in 2000- we are a distributor of drinks in budapest- our annual income is under 200.000$- we want to trade through European countries with branded soft drinks and beers..
Address:209. Damjanich St.
Promontorbor Rt. Vineyards&Winery
Promontorbor Rt is one of the largest Hungarian wine industry, producing and storing 8-10 million litres per year. The company was established in 1880 Budafok: This area famous for its cellar labyrinth hollowed limestone, which contiguous system Europe, providing ideal temperature humidity aging. ….
Address:Kossuth L. U.82-94
HYD Ltd. for Research and Development
Hyd ltd. A technology based pharmaceutical company was established in 1992 to develop pharmaceuticals and consumer products that utilize a novel proprietary procedure, deuterium depletion for the treatment prophylaxis of various types cancer other proliferative neoplastic diseases. ….
Address:Abel Jeno U.12.
Premium Fruit Kft.
We are old traditional producers of watermelon and fruit distributor in Hungary. Our main activity is: Production-export cherry. Distribution-import citrus, watermelon, grapes other fruits. would like to start more contact business relationship with exporters. looking for suppliers from all over ….
Address:Lehel Str. 58.
Praevideo LLC.
Our company was founded as a venture by private individuals in 1991 with the aim of offering wide range products European and Far-Eastern co-operation partners to domestic foreign-mainly CEE (Central EasternEuropean) -pharmaceutical companies. core activity encompasses worldwide sourcing optimal ….
Address:Baross U. 46.
D-Natura Ltd.
We are a Hungarian wholesale retail company dealing with organic products, herbs, vegetables, fruits. We are trading mainly nationwide and in Europe. We would like to extend our activities in the future to worldwide activities..
Address:Topolya Sor 19
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