Bearing import
Bearing import from Western Europe and the Far East.
Address:Lenhossek 41
Tommy Invest Electronic LLC
Our activities involve all conventional PCB assembly technologies (SMT Reflow, SMT Glue, PIH, manual) and the latest like BGA insertion, fine pitch. Each assembled is tested by In Circuit functional testers. Based on these we can provide flexible production services for both large middle volumes ….
Address:Hegyalj 7-13
smARTSOL Engineering Kft.
Since 1999 is our company a reliable partner of several hungarian and multinational producer corporations who are located on the wide palette industrial production. Our has been planning (SolidEdgeST2, SolidWorks2010, EdgeCAM2010R2, Pro/E) manufacturing special purpose machines, measuring ….
Address:Kapos u. 5.
Lehotay Gergely
Our family enterprise working in the central Europe since 1984. Ourmain activity is small and medium batch production on CNC conventional lathes, mills, grinders, EDM, WEDM machines. Since1998 we started rubberstamp business unit, this year latch to wrought iron fence other products section. We are ….
Address:Puskaporos U. 21
yunshi kft
Address:aurora ut
Lorand Szathmary
Address:Jeriko u. 15.
Energy Power Kft.
Address:Szabadsag ter 1.
GuMetall Kft.
Address:Ganz Abraham u. 3.
Candid Ltd.
First of all we like to know you our company. Our company Multiplastic Ltd in Hungary.Multiplastic LTD are importing more place the world lot time austenitec steel industrial goods. The selling this goods part Hungary over them owner Company Candid LTD. Most chemical industries, geothermic and wind power ….
Address:32-esek tere 6 / B
Sallai Foundry (Sallai Ontode)
Manufacturing company specializing in investment casting, lost wax high quality precision casting. Agricultural machinery components. Industrial Decorative moldings. Armature Tool-making. Small (5-10 pcs) and large (20.000 - 40.000 quantities. Unique tailor made request from all material ….
Address:Vendel 7-9.
Median LTD
Address:Rezeda 28
Kiss-Epgep 2004 Kft
Address:Nyar utca 16
Address:Rozsa u. 23
Kornell-Cooper Co.Ltd.
Address:Bertalan Lajos u. 21.
KLS Hungary KFT
We can make parts from metal (Steel, Aluminium, Copper) or plastic (PVC, Teflon (PTFE) , POM, etc) by CNC cutting machinesWhy choose us? With our state-of-the-art technology we keep manufacturing time down and therefore prices low. This result in savings of up to 25-40% your costs. In case company has a frame ….
Address:Biro Lajos u. 95
Address:kossuth lajos ut 89
Hod-Vulkan GmbH.
The predecessor of our company, Hod-Vulkan Ltd. Started its career as a family concern in 1977 and turned into limited company (its present form) 1997. Our main profile has not changed for many years. We produce hydraulic pneumatic seals, well tailor-made products both low high serial number. supply the ….
Address:Tolgyfa Str. 24.
Aynex Ltd.
The AYNEX Ltd. Was established in 1991 and it is a 100 percent family enterprise, which has professional past of 25 years. Our main activity the production household plastic trays, storage dishes, flower plates depression shutters own development. company's seat basic area 24, 000 square meters 3 ….
Address:Kalvaria Ut 50-52
SpaTrend Ltd.
We are the Central Eastern European Distributor of Quality Spas from Diamante and Cal Spas. With a Stock 60--80 spas we can provide quality serviice for your business. keep massive amount spa parts accessories on stock as well: pumps, power packs, control panels, blowers, covers, cover lifters, etc. retest ….
Address:Kobanyai Ut 16.
Albert Muhely
I am young Laszlo Albert, we fix cylinder heads, dealer new heads, produce pre chambersAnd some parts by cnc turning machine..
Address:Hodmezovasarhely Kutasi Ut 40
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