SA Controll Ltd
Our company find partners in all world.. We like to exportingmineral water, energy drink, etc..
Address:Torok Floris Str.72.
Revoo Kft.
We are a manufacturer of high quality workwears. Also resellers of workwears and safety products. We have lots of gloves, shoes, caps, helmets, aprons, and trousers. Another business what we are involved is the poker chips and cards..
Address:Csabavezer U. 39.
Permanent Ltd.
Our company is dealing with CCTV systems here in Hungary for almost 14 years. We are importing system elements mainly from far-east. Our company is dealing with importing different electronic products from the far-east for almost 14 years..
Address:Harangvirag U. 9.
Piroplan Kft
We have our activity in the fire protection brange with design and installation of sprinkler, foam, gas, water mist and fire detection fire protection systems. Location in budapest hugary an several citys in hungary.
Address:Pazsit 13
Kovox Kft.
We are looking for manufacturers in Personal Protective Equipment (gloves, shoes, headgear, glasses, etc. ) and ESD protection. Our goal is to import, represent distribute your products Hungary by possibility some neighboring countries. For safety the CE certification a must, we'll need copy of ….
Address:Kiralyhago u. 16
Metron Avionics
The METRON AVIONICS as a R& D company was estabilished in Sweden, 1990, then moved to Hungary 1997. mass production beeing handled by subcontractor. main products: - MOBIGATE (Highway Ticketing System) AVL (Automatic Vehicle Follower) PLS (Personal Localiser) WAS (Wireless Alarm HEATCOM Heating ….
Address:Arvacska U. 5
Qita Imp.Exp.Co.Ltd.
Address:Pf. : 259

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