Vapor Europe S.r.l. (a Wabtec company)
Founded in 1985, vapor Europe S. r. L.(ex HP) has soon specialized the design and manufacturing of complete door systems for collective transportation vehicles. Vapor europe's product range includes all kinds manual automatic doors currently on market any type public transport vehicle (train, ….
Address:Via Regina Pacis, 290
Aviolab - Advanced Avionics Lab
"Aviolab" born in 2007 as "tiger grouping" of experts, all them coming from European MIL & CIV research and development field. "aviolab" aim (and business) is to innovate both the GA (General Aviation) LA (Light Aircraft) VLA (Very Light avionics market EU by means ….
Address:Via Alla Chiesa, 41
orfeo viaggi srl
sales bus, minibus.
Address:via san luca
Address:via c. marx 125
Ciclofan s.n.c. di Lino Benvenuti & Sergio Zuccarini
Address:Via del Lavoro n. 453
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