T. B. M. E
We started T. B. M. E (Trade & Business Management Europe) in 2006. After working as self empoyed for a few years we saw the potensial of going bigger and to be able handle our clients demands. Our main business are import/export all over world. If you need it, will get it you. products at moment olive oil, ….
Address:Av. Coningham 10
Det Skandinaviske Investeringsselskap AS
Live Red King crab, fresh & frozen king crab meat, frozen king crab sections, canned crab meat. Location Nord Part of Norway. EU approved products. Good quality. Flexible prices and terms of the payment..
We have been in business for 20 yearsMainly doing seafood and speciality products. Our are handling the logistics, we will transport your to any regular or unregular place world, it always be best quality when arrives. Send us inquiry you interested come back with a very good price. ….
Address:Hovikveien 2 C, Hovik 1363 / PO Box 298,
Crossover Representations
We are a trading company with offices in brazil and norway. specialized products from norway:From our main are:Sugar(rawand refined), soybeans(grainsmeal, oil), fresh frozenFruits, fruit juices, machines for processing grains, fruits vegetables, wood, stones(slates, granite quartzite), ….
Address:Ovre Sandviksvei, 1
Uni Trade AS
Uni Trade AS is a norwegian fish and seafood products trading company dealing mainly with salmon, pelagic and white fish. TheCompany has been exporting the products to EU, Russia, Ukraine and is looking for new customers in AsianCountries..
Address:Nordre Bruvoll
Union capital holdings ltd
Address:hynneveien 21
Carioca is the owner of beverage brand Original Guarana Ice and The Amazon Secret. Our products are made from Amazonian fruits contains natural vitamins, minerals Omega acids. Currently we seeking new distributors world wide. Please visit ur web-site for more information about our products. ….
Address:Stabells Veg 13a
Rosmersholm AS is a Norwegian beverage company for international distribution, production and licensing of different products. Wine, cognac, aquavite, vodka pure drinking water. Our vision to be brand exclusive products the highest quality worldwide. Production distribution our line will take place ….
Address:Pilestredet 94 C
Skjoenhaug Trading
Want to find new produckt import Norway and Scandinavia. Looking for producers or agents in China that can give me prices on products shipment. Last few years we have built a big computercompany the total sale of 35 million dollar company. Now are starting up business importing from far east. We also run weapon ….
Address:Vaktelveien 5
MTH. Minco Trade Hansen are a one mans owned company and dealig with Fish, Equipment vessels. We opperated in Europa mainly but also around the world. have some vessel for sale as use scraping. Have lot of secound hand machines fishindustry Bestreg. Odd hansen ….
Address:Arkitekts Adlers Gt 9
Hermann Export AS
Polar Fish AS
Address:Eriksbakkveien 6
Address:35 GRAFTON WAY
-Sales company.-We have many local costumers but want to expand our market to other regions..
Address:Frimands gata 204
Oestlandske Formidling AS
Address:Solgaards Skog 1B
Barents Management
Address:Hamningbergveien 12, PO 443
Marine Harvest Inredients
Province Fish Trading
We are Province Fish Trading Company Based in Norway and able to supply all types of fish (i.e. Fresh Frozen Salmon both as Whole Portions, fillet, smocked,) In addition the above we can Mackerel, Herring King Crabs, provide you with your other requirements. ….
Address:Balveien 2
Stock Seafood Ltd
Nygrunn AS
Address:Leikarvollveien 6
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