Terje Moy Enk
New small Norwegian company. Imports of gadgets, giftt, sports equipment and computer parts. Have former experience in debt collection kredit work Norway. Want to buil a larger import company Please take contact if you want make business with us. ….
Address:Jaernesheia 24 D
Park Media Services
Park media services serious company in Oslo, Norway, established in 1996. Expanding its services for import of various products for the scandinavian market. Looking for unique products to market and sell in this area..
Address:Hogasveien 66
Hi we rent out and sell christening gown to all the childeren here in Norway. We also sell items you need in a christening. We are also making bonnets if anyone dont have one. We have just a internetshop, i hope to open a real shop soon: -).
Address:Borgarhallveien 3
ABC Distribution Co., Ltd
Dear Sir / Madam, We are a unique high-growth manufacturer that provides digital personal alcohol breathanalyzers to buyers, wholesalers, dealers and resellers worldwide. Our company launches state-of-the-art detectors provide clients with advantages in technology overall performance. mission is ….
Address:P. O. Box 142 Nordstrand
Stream Media
Stream Media is the owner of a new website in Norway. We are located in Oslo. The website will sell mainstream products to consumers, who can order products directly to the mailboks. We are under devolupment, the site will launc mars 2008..
Address:Ankerveien 100c
Korneliussen Import Nordvista
Korneliussen Import NordVista was opening as a website medio 2007 and we are collecting our goods mainly from Asia. Our costumers firms in restaurant, cafe business institutions. We also building for personal no-firm who buy small range of the gift category. member Oslo Chamber Commerce. WWW. Chamber. No. ….
Address:Hans Aanrudsvei 26
Xinying Badge Craft Factory
Address:WII 1944 shop
Bureau247 AS
Address:Havnegata 10
Emilios Lifestyle
Address:Emilio LIfestyle
John Hanssen
Address:Kammen 71
Elexpert Ltd.
Address:Grunergaten 3
Hogseth eiendom as
Address:soerumsand vn 87
We are mainly import and retail company buying worldwide and selling on norwegian selling platforms..
Address:Sverre Hjetlandsvei 15a
Address:Solveien 17B
Black Chilli As
chimilk and sons nigerian limited
Address:p. o. box 387
Address:Brastadveien 58
Opera Software
Address:Waldemar Thranes gt 98
RealTime Norway A.S
Forbruksimport AS
Import, tryuot and selling...
Address:Eikeheiveien 2
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