Address:Starowiejska 14
Z.P.U.H. Telto
Z. P. U. H Telto located in POLAND. The company TLTO has existed since 28. 04. 1988. Main activity is the production of transformers, chargers, powers supplies, converters, shaped cores for transformers.
Address:Czerwona 5
We are a private owned company, with main focus on:- IT systems security services,- Telecomunication& networking devices,- UNIX based servers, firewalls and gateways.Our services are available to clients from European Union countries..
Address:Zwyciezcow 47 / 9
F. H. Roksanka
We are looking for all new model of MP3 MP4 and gps. We would like to see your price list. Manufaturer only please. We are import and export company. Thank YouMichal CichockiHauck@o2. Pl+ 48 517 418 456.
Address:Komandorska 3 / 50
Rocket Poland Sp. z o.o.
Our company is a branch office of ROCKET Electric Company situated in Europe. We are specialazing in battery production. We are ready to produce batteries with your private label too..
Address:Kosciuszki 112-114
We are owner of TONSIL trademark as the successor renowned corporation ProTonsil Co., Ltd and wholeseller/distributor all products under this brand.Our wide range operation includes production specialist filling headphonesas W-66S to aplly in millitary mining equipment W69-1/W69-2 (Neodyme ….
Address:Czerniejewska 11
PPH Mar-Jan S.J.
The Manufacturing and Trading Private Partnership "MAR-JAN" was founded in 1989. company has manufacturing shops of total area about 2000m2 necessary warehouse zones for raw materials finished products. "mar-JAN" adequate eguipment which allows to carry out the processes ….
Address:Sikorz 71
Playsonik Group
We are a company dealing with all stockami Polen, likwidacjami and other business occasions. If you have any questions, please contact our main office in Poland..
Elmak Ltd.
Address:Hanasiewicza 4
Elektryka Morska
Address:Wiosny Ludow
Makro Market 2000
Our company, MakroMarket 2000, was established in 1989. We began as a small, family owned enterprise. Over the years we developed into leading wholesaler of batteries Poland.Our offer includes branded type for customer or/and commercial applications available rechargeable or single use type. All are at ….
Address:Grabiszynska 273
AMPS (All Media Prepaid Systems) Poland,
AMPS (All Media Prepaid Systems) the company based in Poland which specializes prepaid systems. We produce systems to all media: water, electricity, heat, air-conditioning and gas. also water dispensers, intelligent switchgears, temperature controlling devices, GSM modules, impulse counters more. ….
Address:Peryferyjna 8
Private Importer
Radoslaw Babiarz
Address:Czarnoleska 18
ARNO akumulatory
ARNO car batteries is the official distributor of very known polish factory called ZAP SZNAJDER BATTERIEN. We're selling car, truck, motorcycle and others in whole Europe. Our mission to sell cheap batteries, but not produced China. We want supply a good quality real guarantee.Our offer directed for ….
Address:Karmelkowa 65A
Palm Electronic LTD
Address:UL. Hutnicza 1
MJW Narzedzia
Address:Poznanska 75
MENTOR Zdzislaw Sabat
Address:Modra 26
LOXA Sp. z o.o.
LOXA Sp. z o.o. is the Polish Manufacturer of starter batteries located in Zarki, South Poland. We are producing lead-acidand Ca/Ca using our own machine park and progressive technology. The long-term experience battery manufacture high qualified personnel best guarantee a perfect product quality. ….
Address:61 Myszkowska str.
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