Doce Entertainment S.A.
Address:Rmsantiagonoruega 6415
Our company was founded in 1983. We produce chemicals for the textil industri since 1996 we are in the industrial detergent local market. Now we like to import some products for comercialice its here in our country..
Address:Victor Manuel 1628
Quimica Passol S.A.
Quimica Passol is a well known chemical company in the Chilean and South American market was established 1976. We are having experience all kinds of manipulating solvents, petrochemical as natural solvents. have line cleaners degreaser biodegradable, specialities for treating odors wastewater ….
Address:Calle Limache 4225
Flower seeds productions for market in Chile and other countries. Located ChileProductsFlower seedsCuttings flowerSeeds treesVegetables seedsCactus seedsExpor import products for sur America.
Address:Parcela 43a2 San Pedro Quillota
Lonquen Ltda.
We are a Chilean Company, we produce Sphagnum Moss to export market. expanding our markets, offer, good product and prices. exporting Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, U. S. A. And Middle East.Our company is founded in year 2000 the main partner Luis Matta who worked an International bank, for about 25 years. Mr. ….
Address:Enrique Borras 4935 San Joaquin Santiago
Yei Vi Imports
Yei vi imports is an american owned company that operates out of the chilean free trade zone, located in iquique, chile. From where it serves tthe needs clients northen chile, southern peru and most bolivia, a land locked country its good from port iquique. ….
Address:Mazana 4-galpon 13
Inversiones y Servicios Ilan Ltda.
We are importers and distributors of Disposable Plastic Tableware in Chile, South America.We sell to stores all arround the country.We importing from Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Hong Kong USA.This is a family owned business.The ceo an industrial engineer, master economy MBA MIT-USA. ….
Address:Eleuterio Ramirez 737 Local 1
Distribuidora Aladino
Sell dry carpet cleaning particle sponges.Soil is removed from the by millions of tiny absorbent sponges saturated with water, detergent and a small amount solvent. Removes dirt. Lifts pile. Deep cleans removes spots spills immediately. ….
Address:Chomio 035
Correo Dinamico de Chile SA
We are a familiar company. Our location is South America, Santiago of Chile. We began to produce detergent in 2002, too produce clean washer and clean glass. In the company we have 30 workers.4 engeneers,2 tecnicals.
Address:Vicente Reyes 510 Maipu
Comercial Mahi Ltda.
COMERCIAL MAHI LTDA. Supply products to Retailers in Chile. We also sell directily E Bikes and E Scooters. The company start in 2005 and is growing fast. Our specialities are Women `s accesories, dinnerware, flatware, watches and Electrical bike and scooter..
Address:Navarra 3744 LAS Condes
This company was created to develop the most diffcult and beauty kind or art over artesian wood natural fine treatment. Our is a chilean actually available varieties of product in like: Lamp (classic& mediterranean style unique corporative style) - infantile chairs& hang clothes (in several ….
Address:Pje Pichincha 1403 Villa Simon Bolivar La Florida
Address:Manzana 4 Galpon-17
Traducciones profesionales
Address:Avda. Jorge Monckeberg 18
Address:la corbeta
Address:Av. Libertador Bernardo O`Higgins 845, Santiago, XIII Chile
Peralillo Winery
Address:Fundo Santa Maria s / n Olivar
comercializadora del sur Ltda.
Address:general Holley 2363 of 503
C.H.International s.a.
C. H. International s.a., is the head of holding company Our companies are varied in the Chilean market. From medical equipment, electronic items and advertising product.Contact to: china01 and the company name.
Address:Irarrazabal 2821 Of. 1207
Frutierra Ltda
Address:23 de Febrero, 8630
Southern Moss S.A.
Dear sir, We are a Chilean company dedicated to the export of Sphagnum Moss (Directno Brokers, we producers) and interested know if you buySphagnum for development your Products. can put logon it in format 150gr retail. If willgladly send proposal as soon possible. ….
Address:sector curamo km 16 sn
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