Federico Quezada
My name is Federico Quezada, my background and contact addresses this they find in the lobby.Or via e-mail.I specialize technology issues, technological / or digital connectivity telecommunications, systems, knowledgeable about operations, processes forms of detention, shipments sales again ….
Address:Mar Mediterraneo# 4765
Netpro S.A.
Address:Hernando de Aguirre 128 of. 1105
sectel chile s.a.
HB Antenas
Our web site is under construction, please you can contact by emailany time..
Address:Psje Isabel Bravo 13162
WireNet Chile Ltda.
Address:Oceano Antartico 2669
Yasna Sanhueza
Address:Takapu 109
Faxdatel Comunicaciones Ltda.
Address:Villavicencio 361 Oficina 114

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