Megahard Ltd.
Laser engraving in espanol, making laser 3D gift with glass crystal. First years work slovakia, two years Spain, Canary island tenerife puerto de la cruz, my machine lelee laser engraver. Tobb szar mar nem jut eszembe.
Address:K. Szilagyi U 10
Xenola Kft
I am direct mandate of a reliable, stabil trading company in Canada. Our profile is urea, used rails, metal scrap, oil and oil products. We are looking for real buyers and direct suppliers in this area..
Address:6. Ferencesek U.
RHW Computer Kft.
Computer component trade..
Address:Kiraly u. 67.
Varga Muhely kft.
Vehicle elctronics and diagnostics in Hungary. Our company was established in 1986. Since 1986 we repair cars and montorcycles. Our profil to repair starters, air conditonal systems, and other electric parts..
Address:Csomorkanyi Utca 24
IMPEX Solution Ltd.
We are exclusive agent of WATT energy drink, we shall like to develop a business relationship with exporters and manufacturers. We wanted Energy Drink distributor in China, Africa, brazilia and Mexico and Europe..
Address:Zambelli 31
Z & Z Ltd.
I :Our company is a shoe manufacturer focusing on leather shoes for both men and women. The production site located 5 km-s from the M3 highway in Eastern part of Hungary. We have well skilled workforce 50 people with possiblity increasing this number. made 9000 m2 4 X 550 factory. our own machinery new models. ….
Address:Kiss Jozsef ut 36
Voiex Ltd.
Import export.
Volper es tarsa bt.
We are finding crystal glassware (lead glass with 24% pbo) manufacturers for reaching long term business in this fast-growing Center-European market.Specification:Plain products and cutting (with Pbo). Barware, Tableware, Wine glassPotential suppliers please send to me your contact details. ….
Address:Harmat Street 5.
Black Crystal Ltd.
For ten years we have been producing fine, hand-crafted crystal in Ajka, Hungary. We make vases, dishes, cups and glasses many other items. The raw materials use are of the highest quality, ensuring pure transparency our products. Our employees experience their commitment to work is reflected excellent ….
Address:Harmat Street 5.
NINA 2001 Ltd.
Technology transferLicences and know-howEngineeringSpecial manufacturing equipmentsFranchise networkGroup purchasing.
Unetex Ltd
We are manufacturing and trading with 100% cotton T-shirt and other knitwear Mens, Kids, Womens Tees, the fabric waight isRanging from 145 to 185 GSM.Our office and stockwarehouse is located in Budapest, Hungary.
Address:Berni Str 1
Address:erkel u 853
Yes Autorent Kft
Car rental company in Budapest. Our services: - Online reservation- Unlimited mileage- Full casco (full insurance) - Delivery- 24 h assistancePlease watch our home page..
Address:Budapesttorokvesz Ut 87-91
Volvox Ltd.
We are well respected dealer in fruit juice concentrates in Hungary. We provide the hungarian market with concentrates and other additives. For some time aruse our interest the bio-products. Last year we start the production of bio rose-hips vinegar..
Address:Szendrey Julia str. 3 media Ltd.
We are a project management and trading company located in Budapest / Hungary EU.We design, buy sell achitecture advertisement related products services. help to find the ideal solution for our client's project. design custom most advanced manufacturer who can deliver it on demand. trace production ….
Address:Karolina 4.
The Vaja Ltd. Is a private companyWith sole ownership. Its founder isMr. Gyula Balogh. Foreign tradeActivity is completed by the BudapestOffice of company. Production isBased on apple juice concentratingFactory at North-EasternPart Hungary. fruits to beProcessed are delivered smallFarmers nearby. ….
Address:Rohodi U. 2.
West Com 2000 Inc.
West com 2000 inc. Is an offshore trading and consulting company established in 1996. Our main mission is to make strong marketing research find the best products our clients. We have large experiance worldwide business we represent a few manufaturers too. ….
Address:Martinovics Str.10.
Allchemie Ltd.
Allchemie Chemical Trading Ltd. Is an enterprise with export- import activity of chemicals distribution.We have acted a significant part the chemical product trade in Middle-East Europe since 1999, our head office and stockpile is located Balatonfuzfo.Our flexibility direct contacts manufacturer ….
Address:Nike Krt. 9.
Poligon Praxis Bt.
We are a trading company seling buldingmaterials to other building companies and supliers in Hungary and other europian countries. We would like to import products specialised on this market, mainli glassfibernet and plastic building products..
Address:Mora F. u. 13.
off course bt
Our company was founded by a group of truffle collectors with the purpose selling our products together. Since we sell own products, can keep prices down. Over past few years, exported truffles to Italy, Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. If you wish get in touch us, or are interested detailed offer, ….