TRAKIS Nagykoros Kft..
It was established in 1991 on the premise of Transformer and Welding Machine Manufacturer Cooperative Company. is 100% Hungarian private property. Number our workers around 70. The main profile manufacturing welding machines from developing to supplying. We produce MIG-MAG Welders, Power Supplies, ….
Address:Kossuth L. U. 79.
TRACON Budapest Kft.
TRACON Budapest Ltd. is a distributor company of different electrical products, mainly for the Hungarian and neighboring countries market. We are pleased to offer you our products with fast delivery competitive prices from warehouse located in center Europe. ….
Address:Pallag Str.21.
Tommy Invest Electronic LLC
Our activities involve all conventional PCB assembly technologies (SMT Reflow, SMT Glue, PIH, manual) and the latest like BGA insertion, fine pitch. Each assembled is tested by In Circuit functional testers. Based on these we can provide flexible production services for both large middle volumes ….
Address:Hegyalj 7-13
Laser-Digital Ltd
We producing Dpss OEM laser module and complete projector. Green laser 1w-8w, Blue laser 350mw-2, 5w and red 300mw-1, 4w. White projector 2w-no limit: ) . Company based middle of Europe (Hungary) . High quality products..
Address:Gagarin U.17
Hungarian Feather Jewel-Tollekszer
We are a local trading company which basically is involved in many domestic fields. manufacturer of handcrafted fashion jewelry made 100% natural feathers, eggshell, coconut, seashell and beads. This belongs to Tollekszer Hungary interested international consists importing Linden Flower (tiliae ….
Address:Jozsef Nador Street Nr 50
Magnum autotuning Ltd.
Reliable Dropshipper and Manufacturer of unique ECU mods, performance chips. Worldwide Delivery-Paypal preferred. Units made by European subsidiary under serious quality control inspections. Do not stock, just let us deliver effective HP gain parts to your customers. No setup or transaction fee, no ….
Address:71 / B Tahi Str.
T&J Muszaki Kereskedelmi Kft.
Hardware: Notebook, Laptos, PDAs, HandheldsAnd Internet AdvertisementTextil: silk (agent of PBO, ARTY'S) , Textil Machinery and SpareParts: knitting needles (agent of ORGAN) , jacks, brushes.
Address:Becsi ut 3-5. Iv / 47.
Bekebiro Bt
We are located in Hungary, and main trade activity in the artificial jewelry. We doing as a wholesaler, and retailer also. The most wanted items are aerings, necklace, body piercings. We are welcome these items wholesalers, and factories..
Address:Rigo Ut 37 / B
We are a manufacturer, operator and holesaler of vending machines. serve you totally concerning capsule items ( 36mm,50mm,96mm capsule), bouncing ball (27mm,32mm,45mm different mixes).Many jewellery mix, sticky toys, plush plastic acrylic rings other what can sell form ….
Address:Mokus 9
ZIP Technologies Ltd
Manufacturer of brewing and wine making equipments, stainless steel tanks for food industry.Our company provides the Customers with turnkey products.We use high quality raw materials of such grades like AISI 304,316..
Address:Fonoda U 34-36
We are a Budapest based textile wholesaler/importer company. Our major fields fashion woven fabrics PE blends, cotton, and workwear cotton blends.By now we selling to abt 15 of the European countries. looking for buyers possible purchase leads from Far-East ….
Address:Ilosvai Selymes Peter U.10-12
TEQUA International Ltd.
We are a german-hungarian joint venture company working on the field of process management development, ISO 9001, 14001 & ISO/ts 16949 concultancy and training. Main focus supplier development services for automotive industry - selection methods, their with manegement tools like six sigma, ….
Address:Gombocz Zoltan St.8/B
We are trading company for different brand named tennis and squash products. looking serious partners to expand our build up a stabil relationships. Mostly we East Europian customers offer distribution position some kind of accessories. ….
Address:32 Malom Street
Magno-Proix Ltd.
We export second/third quality CRGO sheets/offcuts from Hungary and Central Europe. Have approx 100 mt/month supply in various size/qualities We are one of the market leaders in the field of large size dismantled CRGO sheets in Hungary..
Address:Baratsag U 45
Fengjia Hungary Kft
We f&j international group made investments in electrical appliances 1996. Through many years development, has set up its production bases and distribution centers Romania for Chinese products to enter the market of European union, haveBeen sold romanian neighboring countries through ….
Address:Szabadsag Ter 5.
Modellcentrum Bt.
Hungary distibutors company from Budapest.Sales: R/C models, cars, boats, airplanes & accessories.Established:1992. ( foremost in Hungary )We find internacional partner, make contact..
Address:Korvasutsor 78
H.S.L.-Net Magyarorszag Tavkozlesi Kft
Address:Munkacsy U 38 4 / 1
Anist Hungary BT.
We are a general trading company located in Hungary, Europe. Main activity: Selling cleaning machines, shoe cleaners, sole cleaners. Our main customers Petrol Stations and their shops, Hotels. Also looking for all kind of products to export from far eat sell Hungary: Gifts toys, flashing telecom. ….
Address:Lehar Ferenc U. 61.
West-Mix Trade
The company is locaceted in Hungary as a wholesaler of surplus and clearance stock. Our aim to get new suppliers form the UK market. We are interested mixed pallets quality goods containing housewares, clothing, gifts, electrical equipments, toys games, bags luggage.If your goal sell stock foreign ….
Address:Zrinyi U 4
Buborek Kft.
Our firm was established in 1982 by my father. main profile for years only the selling of plastic bottles, but 10 ago we had started to sell lifts as well and nowadays already prefer this profile, because our annual sales range number employees are getting bigger. ….
Address:Haman Kato U.11.