Productos Proteicos Del Mar S. A. C.
We offer Giant Squid Meal monitored according to the strictest international sanitary standards, based on HACCP system implemented in our plant. ANALYSIS UNIT RANGE MealPROTEIN% min. 78FAT% max. 3% MOISTURE% min-max 10FREE FATTYACIDS (FFA) % 10ASH (SALTFREE) -SALT & SAND% 5SAND% 3TVN mg / 350 grs ….
Address:Calle 31-165 Dep. 303 Urb. Mariscal Castilla
VECH Agro S.A.C.
Our company produced Natural Humus with high quality standards for export. We have more than 20 years of experience in agriculture. We are located in Lima-Peru..
Address:Av. Aviacion 3152 Of. 501
Our company works in the field of industrial chemicals, rubbers, plastic resins and raw materials, acting as Representatives / Sales Agents of foreign suppliers, also we export 100% Organic Fertilizers..
Address:Monte Rosa 168-Ofic 5-C. C. Chacarilla
Pacifica Group
Address:17090 Collins Ave. # 309
John carmelo cavero
Address:Fundo Lumbra
CORPORACION CONCENTRADOS MARINOSis a Peruvian corporation registered with RUC (commercial registered) 20525415903. We are 5 years in the market, dedicated to processing and export of fishmeal its derivatives (SHRIMP MEAL, SQUID MEAL) covering highest standards quality this sector. The demand ….
Address:Mz E-9 Urb las Mercedes
nepomuseno celedonio rivas de las casas
Address:jiron camana 1511
Address:Los Olivos
steven celada
Address:AV de los patriotas 34
quality marine product SAC
Address:Urb. Casuarinas II etapa Mz. V2 Lt. 18
agroindustrias tres reynas s.a.c.
Address:parcela II, Mz K, Lt 8-A
Address:Urb. Casuarinas stage II, Mz. V2, Lot 18
Peruvian Woods HMN SAC
English: We are a company producer and exporter of timber, we from Peru, South America. sell flooring lumber Grade A B KD S4S or AD 19 x 130 900 / 750 600mm Cumaru Shihuahuaco, Ipe Tahuari, Grapia Ana Caspi, Jatoba Azucar Huayo, Massaradumba Quinilla other. Too sawntimber AD, species Cumala Banak, Ishpingo, ….
Address:Jr. Tacna 755
Address:806 San Martin Street
Fernando Calderon Silva
The DUPPS Company
Address:Malecon Central 919
LV UNION TRADE SRL, is a Peruvian company dedicated to the marketing of natural products for local and international market, offers wide variety with quality exportation. The Company possess strict controls, which develop from culturing up crop, we rely on meticulous selection required resources, ….
Address:Jr. Corbeta la union 150 Edif. F Dpto 304
traiding zavala.s.a.c
Address:Monte Caoba 535
M.Y. Marine Enterprise S.A.C.
We are a Peruvian company dedicated to the exportation of GIANT SQUID MEAL, which has a high quality and protein content. This is an excellent product used in the balanced diet for cattle, poultry, and sea and river species bred on farms..
Address:Jr. Cerro Colorado 195-2?Piso. Surco
We trade and produce barbasco powder, rotenone extract withA concentration of 70% , also weProduce liquid with a 15% . Our barbascoIs natural from the peruvian jungle. Tara Powder. CEMENT SUGAR ICUMSA 45. ….
Address:Av. Ricardo Palma 1041, Office B, Miraflores
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