International New Biz Co.,Ltd
We are a famous trader in fieilds of industrial chemicals korea. have markets construction, fine and other the worlwide. There concrete admixture, polycarboxylic acid, naphthalene, calcium lignosulphonate, sodium gluconate, etc. And dealing copper, aluminium mineral scrap through importing ….
Address:5fl Namyoung-B / D, Dogok-Dong, Gangnam-Gu
We are exporting and importing comany located in Korea Taiwan. Our bsuienss field is Enaginnering plastics, commodity chemicals gerneral merchandiseWe trying to be a good partner our cusotmers forever, Please contact us if you need any further detaisl from us. ….
Address:Room 1107 Masters Buliding,553, Dowha-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Young-In Plachem
We have developed and produced a wide range of high quality chemical for electro- electroless plating surface finishing applications. Our advanced technology our experiences allow all customers to maximize productivity minimize costs.Please feel free contact us about any requirements or problems ….
Address:634-6, Sunggok-Dong, Danwon-Gu
Shinwoo Chemical
Address:# 37-16 Munbae Dong Yongsan gu
bu-il dyestuffs company
We are an expert in dying leather.And we sell crust leather, p. U coated leather,Chrome tanning leather.We deal pig leather a little.Please contact us comfortably if you have anything you request..
Address:720-1 Mora-1 Dong
We started our business in 1981 as the name of Daewoo Paint and now we doing by Semyeong-Paint, have devoted to develop new paint provide products that satisfied customer's want. Now produce various kinds for Industry, Building, HOTMELT motor heat-resisting Paint, Adhesive steel sheet, every flood ….
Address:# 498-16 Kyo-Ri, Yacmok-Myun, Chilgok-Gun
UNITRON Corporation
We would like to introduce ourselves as an established export organization involved in international trade. deal organic/ inorganic chemicals, especially are specialized Titanium Dioxide.With our sourcing of the Chinese TiO2 over years, we have strengthened lines and a position offer you products ….
Address:No. 804, E & C Dream Tower, 46 Yangpyeong-Dong-3-Ga
Oster & Applebeck Ufer
We are specialised to supply dyes And textile auxiliary products.We manufacturing Auxiliary and in regarding dyesWe making some special General products, our partner Company is on based Our strict products specifications.1. Re: main products1) Acid for wool nylonThis popular product lanaset Dyes of ….
Address:6/3, 625-2, Su-jeong 3 Dong, Dong-gu
Il Tech Co., Ltd
I. L. Tech Co. Ltd. Our company has been manufacturing of high quality products in the fields Mineral type Rotary vane vacuum pump oil and Booster which can meet customer's satisfaction. You are very welcome to email us your requirements we sure satisfy you with as well favorable price. If want get more ….
Address:126-16 Omok-Ri, Seonggeo-Eup, Cheon An-city
Address:Newseoul apt 104-504# 255-1, Sangok-dong, Bupyung-ku
misung moolsan co., ltd.
I`m so grade to introduce our company. We have 7 connected Main is miwon commercial co. And misung trading my moolsan sales various part of industryPaint, rubber, lubricant, taxtile, plastic. . So, if you any good product in chemical. Plz give me the news. Thank you! ….
Address:123-49 Gam-geon Sa-sang
Our major item is P. E Tarpaulin. We have exported our goods to U. S. A, Canada, Europe, Australia, South East Asia and Middle Countries. And we handled not only Tarpaulin but also Aluminum related products, Getapolyen, Scaffolding nets, Master Batch several kinds of elastic ties ropes. try hard supply buyer ….
Address:Suite 313, Chungjeong Rezion, 465 Chungjeongno 3ga, Seodaemun Gu, Seoul, Korea
Taeun General Trading Co
Our company number of 5 people emploees and main job is trading on the world. Opening 8 yeas old oct 1998. Main target China India. We are export waste plastics to imported nb magnet, lead some more agriculture items from China. And stainless steel plate, pipe, rod also looking for good manufacture ingot compay ….
Address:# 203, Woo Sukbldg, 158 Gaya2dong.
Address:Rm601, Dolim-Bldg, Shinjeong-Dong
T.A. Chemical Plast.
TK Chemical Plast is a joint venture company with high performance plastic recycler. We are specifically focusing on developing recycled raw materials and parts. mainly following acts. 1. To supply fluoropolymer reprocessed pellet ( (PFA, FEP, ETFE, ECTFE, E-FEP, PVDF) 2. apply technologies parts ETFE ….
Address:# 205-2, Bankye-Ri, Sukjeok-Myun
Supross Co., Ltd.
We supross are world-wide manufacturer & supplier ofFwa, dyes, auxiliaries various chemicals. Owing to the world top class quality profound knowhows, Our goods exported 90 major countries in big volume. have a great pride our reputation status. can be most wonderful partner this line of business. ….
Address:311 / Hyundai Ettrebo Bldg. Janghang-Dong, Ilsan-Ku
Space Power Semicoundacters Korea
We are trading company in Korea we open before 4 years deal any stock lot buy and sale kind if you have wont to countact us. Believing the importance of customer satisfaction, consistent high quality comprehensive service, working achieve highest standards all these areas through effective ….
Address:Choung Am Dong 7-60 Sung Buk Ko
Stf Hong Kong Ltd. Korea Office
Our company is in Seoul, Korea. We have a Head office in Hong Kong the name of which is STF Hong Kong Limited. STF is a chemicals trading company. Our main product line is MEK, EA, BA, MTBE, Cyclohexanone, DBE (dibasic ester) etc.
Address:Room 502 Gorea B / D, 154-15 Cheongpa-Dong 1ga Yongsan-Gu
Seil-R. S. C., Inc
We have a 3 companies. The name of the company is as follows.-seil-R. S. C. Inc-R. S. Chem-dmcWe have 12 employee.Annual sales volume;two million dollars a year.Factoriy; hwa sung -city, kyunggi-do.
Address:#409 Vision Tower 968 Hwajeongdong
We are producing electro fused single crystal MgO BlockChemical Composition AnalysisDivisionChemical Analysis DataMgO99. 935% Ca240ppmSi14ppmAl90ppmFe50ppmB<1ppmCr11ppmP<1ppmRemarkICP-AES Checked.
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