zain corp.
We are a trading company, which handle disposable adult and baby diapers.We specially factory seconds diapers, is as below.2nd- Grade: Rejected diaper, can not find badness at sight, sold by piece3rd- mixture with usable waste, weight (TON)D-grade (Waste): Some usable. Mostly shredded you use pulpIf ….
Address:545-6 Sandaewondong Sungnamsi Joongwongu, Korea
We 'Hyundai Wacortec Co Ltd' are the leading manufacturer of Water Purifier, Air Purifier and Electronic Bidet, a part Business Group' in South Korea. Our products manufactured with latest technology comprehensive customer service made our being widely chosen by customers as top quality ….
Address:684-49 Gongreung-Dong
We, UNITMA, specialize in the insulin pump for diabetes and pathological devices, especially Tissue Microarrayers. We also carry Carbon heating film. Currently most of reputable institutions including university hospitals laboratories mainly USA Europe have been adapting our medical devices their ….
Address:3F, Chungmyeong B / D, 224-8 Jamsil-Dong,
YOORIM CORPORATION produces splints for orthopedic surgery and opened a new ground in treatment by developing plaster GR-2000 SPLINT. Our main products are splint group our SPLINTS, CASTS BRACES. SPLINT is an advanced orthopedics which minimizes harmful-to-environments element of existing or glass ….
Address:828-10 Yangdeok-Ri, Samsung-Myeon, Eumseong-Gun, Chungcheongbuk-Do 369-832 Korea
NTI VINA CO., LTD is the production site in Vietname invested 2008 by mother company Korea.Main manufacturing items are disposable masks, surgical drapes, gown, hair-cap, shoe-cover, etc., .You can take full informations on history of Korea through your one click web site: more ….
Address:808-3 Ducksan-Ri, Samjook-Myun
Unidus has been the recognized leader in latex medical products Korea since it was established 1973 locating its factory cheongju city. Built on basis of honesty, trust and creation, stands firm as pioneer industry republic Korea.Since established, unidus grown strength experience. Its rapid technical ….
Address:106-1, Yonggang-ri, Jeungpyeong-eup
iTi Incoporation
Intercontinental trading INC. Pride ourselves in quality, service and price. We always strive to broaden our product line with precise, quality products that meet or exceed customer demands specifications. You can be sure intercon will win a good reputation your market! ….
Address:# 338, Wooin Bldg, 730, Janghangdong, Ilsangu
FilUp Korea Inc
My name is Min Inn, who working for Daham BtoB. This a trading company, which import various medicines and medical devices to provide whole seller in S. Korea. Now, we are trying find out new business partners pregnancy test kit manufacturer. ….
Address:1st Floor, 417-2, Ganeung1-dong
InterWinGlobal is a sort of Innovative Technologies Agency working for entrepreneurs eager to penetrate Korean markets by their innovative technologies. Our specialties are Feasibility Study, Market Analysis, Representation, Clients Exploitation, Communication, Arbitration and Future ….
Address:340-2005 Ohgeum
Topex Corporation
* Manufacturer & Exporter* Manufactures optical & visual products* Established in 1988* ISO 9001 certified* Official supplier to the Educational Department of Korean government* Factory site: 4, 300 sq. M..
Address:522-5, Yonghyun-Dong
Global Top Inc.
Address:# Dreamworld B / D, 863-1, Janghang-Dong, Ilsandong-Gu
TOMATO M&C Co., Ltd.
We, TOMATO M&C Co., Ltd., are one of manufacturers Orthopedic Casting Tape/ Splint and have been selling our products to local market as well overseas for the last five years. Especially, we exported all over world at present, 27 buyers in Asia, Middle East Europe. Our already obtained good reputation ….
Address:# 593-1 Neacheon, Seotan,
BL Tech Co., Ltd.
We, as one of leading medical product manufacturers and exporters in Korea, are specialized synthetic orthopedic casting tape, a fiberglass or polyester fabric coated with water-activated polyurethane resin, splint. Our years development/improvement effort have been successful achieving ….
Address:302, Osan-Ri Dongtan-Myeon
Varem International
We are much pleased to introduce ourselves at last. the leading trading house and manufacturer in Korea for industrial yarn telecommunications. Before 1999, we have been engaged tire cord fabrics business world. Since 1999 contributed promote hi-tech telecommunications field as well new-generation of ….
Address:Rd., 395-166, Sogyo-dong, Mapo-ku, Seoul, Korea
Tahir Trading Co, Ltd
Address:Hwagok 3 Dong 1045-47 Kang Su Go Seoul Korea
Sun Hak Electric, with its years of experience in production & sales electrical appliances and continuous efforts into quality control, has acquired recognition the market for reliable products. In 1989, KS Mark electric mats also was first to export frying pans Africa Middle East. 1991, Korea ….
Address:254-1, Dodang-Dong, Wonmi-Gu, Bucheon-City, Kyunggi-Do, Korea
Sungjin Healment Co., Ltd
We, Sungjin Healment Electronics Co. Ltd. Has been manufacturing 60 various kinds of personal healthcare products in our own brand, since established 1995. We are ranked as one biggest manufacturers field Korea. Our being exported to America, Europe, Asia, etc. In the world. have capability provide any ….
Address:33-6, Hyosung-Dong
Address:4577, Shinhueng 1-Dong, Sujeong-Gu
Sopel Inc.
We are orthopedic supplies manufacturer in Korea, and welcome all inquires for casting tape, splint, pop bandages, and all other kind of bandages, and medical supplies. Please feel free to send us your inquires, and give us a chance to serve..
Address:2F Jang An 1 Dong Dong Dae Mu Gu Seoul S-Korea.
Hyunjin International Com Corp
We are an established Korea based manufacturer and exporter of socks for healthcare: diabetic anti-bacteria bio-ceramic pointed on the sole. produce our under brand Enrico Gelini, we also manufacture products base OEM from customers. The company was in 1995, with experienced staffs whose expertise goes ….
Address:Royal Housevill B/D A-2112,Sunae-dong 23-1,Bundang-gu
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