Zeus International Co., Ltd.
I am very glad to introduce our company your honorable company.Our was established with long time experience of trading and distributing.We have been doing the business forest by-products agricultural business, like as charcoal, bracken, chilli various produvts.I also fiber products car indoor usage. ….
Address:RM. 223, 3-Dong, Machinery Bldg. , 247 Yangpyeong-Dong 1Ga,
ZemosLED Inc.
ZemosLED is a high-tech global leader in the design, development, manufacture and supply of LED lighting products energy efficiency solutions for green environments tomorrow.ZemosLED has committed substantial R&D resources to development most innovative high quality technologies available ….
Address:3F, 628-7, Deungchon-Dong, Kangseo-Gu,
We are one of the top maker which specialized in HID lighting system. producing all kind system & full conversions kit. originally established as venture firm Korea that military equipments for electronic warfare and power supply Nowaday, we selling conversion Kit ballast to worldwide markets ….
Address:346 Gakpyung-ri, Majang-myun
MHK Trading Company
Address:Acrotel 630, 402-1, Sang-Dong, Wonmi-Gu,
We are a company of making high power LED lighting system in Korea. Specially we are engaging LED lighting systems which are forStreet light & it can be apply very various range of field such asLighting for swimming pool etc..
Address:861-7, Sinchon-dong
Ibs Corporation
IBS PROFILEI'm Mr, BEOM SHIK KIM the representative of director CORPORATION. Fist all, I express my heartfelt thanks to you for your interesting our company.We are younger and medium size Ex/Import, maufacturer Korea made electronic products such as outer small speaker digital goods ( mp3player, ….
Address:Ibs B/D 101,454-52, Myunmog3dong
EI Lighting,Co.,Ltd.
EI LIGHTING CO. , LTD. established on Nov. 1, 2006, supplies total solution of illuminating light sources based unique technologies in high-efficient source design and manufacturing process complying with the global request for high-efficient, environmental-friendly sources. ….
Address:No. 216, Defense Technology Venture Center, Songdo Tp, 7-50 Songdo-Dong
Juyeon Trading Co.
We are trading company which establish in 1997. We are offering customer about all item between Korea and all the countries of the world. We confidence highest priority by be thought, and try to find the best connection and goods..
Address:Tanhyun St.
TheSun Tech.Co.,Ltd.
My company manufactured advanced led light products, mainly panel type..
Address:# 917, Express Terminal BD, Banpo-Dong
no profile.
Address:4F, Woojin Bldg, 188-16, Yeonhee-dong, Seodaemun-gu,
Seo-Kyoung Corp.
Japan-Korea Joint Company. **Recycling Div. **Steel and stainless steel scrap, pet bottle scrapAdd: Room205, 13-block, Central Steel Market964-14, Shihung3-dong, Kumchun-kuSeoul, Korea**IT **IT solutionServer computer rent serviceComputer & Peripheral DeviceVOIP Telephone SystemAdd. : ….
Address:Room205, 13-block, Central Steel Market
topworld international group
We are leading supplier of UREA, iron ore, Sugar, Sulphur from Russia and Brazil. suppling too many buyer above products. want make good business relationship with your company if you choose our company. Also we able to very competitive price suggested serious q'ty payment condition. Waiting for ….
Address:3114-5, Juan 5 Dong, Bupyung Gu
Our company was established in 1996, has been doing export many countries all kind of fishing equipment, And 15-year-long accumulated experience and know-hows the industry.Now that, while keeping close relations with a number manufacturers KoreaWhenever you make on inquiry, we can service ….
Address:dongtanm-yeon, jangji-ri, 818
We are a manufacturer for led lamps and now makerting europe north america under good reputationWe looking importer dealing in arious kinds of lamp who would be convinced superiority over halogen much less maintenance cost long life span lower electricity consumption retrieve/return investment short ….
Address:#1001, Intel Bldg,891-40, Daechi 4dong, Kangnam-ku
Address:# 70-3, Galwoul-Dong, Youngsan-Gu,
P2P Networks Inc.
Importing Items: + Coconut Oil+ Charcoal+ BiomassExporting Items: + Measurement Instrument+ Network Equipment+ LED Light/Lamp+ Mobile Solution.
Address:# 13-317, 984 Siheung-3dong, Kumcheon-Gu
C. A. T. Corporation, Inc. Was established as a venture company in 1999 Korea. We have obtained patents for our products(Motorized Auto Jack& Wrench and Reel Type Hands Free Kit) USA KOREA got the approvals of CE TUV. We, CAT, make human life convenient, safe, healthy. According to focus on designing, ….
Address:4ma-804 Shihwa Industrial Complex
We are trading for Agriculture LED lights, Radiant heat coating paint, Cermic Heat sink, Nano coated Flexible sink and Squid Liver Oil exporter company. Do not hesitate ask. ( J-International Corp. ) Homepage: http://www.j-international.comOffice & Fax:+ 82 + 61 665-4769Mobile:+ 10-2414-4769 ….
Address:( J-International) 2f, 147-9, Seokyo-Dong, Yeosu-SI, Chollanam-Do, 550-130, Korea
BDAT & C Inc.
Established 1999 and have developed various kinds of goods for life, health care, communications, electrical so forth.Our R & D department staffs will continue to develop renovated products human being.We are looking investor in our company technologies able supply whom he is interested products. ….
Address:Room No.1706, Donguibogam Tower 787. Yongdo-dong. Dongdaemun-gu.
The name of quality brand "adgear" issued by ADGEAR Inc. We . Are an unique manufacturer and exporter Magic mirror & L.E.D advertising display products in republic Korea. (South Korea) are very good at LED with many experience for 10years this business field all over the world. Please visit us ….
Address:# 398-31 Songjuk-dong, Jangan-gu