Magnum Som
We're a new company with a new idea in the market and intend to recycle video projector's lamp. We're finding new suppliers to supply the bulbs. At this moment, we are testing the manufacture procedures..
Address:Rua Marcial Do Nascimento,243
LED lighting
We are a largest manufactor since 1995,mainly produce led lights.led christmaslights,led icecle lights,led curtain lights,led rope lights and so on.if you are interested in,please contact me any time..
Address:Av. das Americas 700
lightpower LED display screen
Address:sami street
Sancris Linhas e Fios Ltda
Address:Rua Gregorio Diegolli, 90
Rece Gestao & Projetos.
Ilumatic S/A
Ilumatic S / A was founded in 1962. Since then, we have been producing top quality lighting fixtures for public illumination. We produce from 70-600 W (sodium, metal and mercury) , floodlights up to 2. 000w, electronic electric photo-relays, ballasts, ignitors, etc. also supply steel poles arms, lamp ….
Address:Rua Telmo Coelho Filho 120
Hexa Consultoria Publica e Privada
Address:Rua Dr. Miguel Guimaraes, 244
casa nacional
My company is a distributor of calculator brand kenkoAns lantern rechargable and watch brand xintaiI distributor for all Brazil and paraguayOk.
Address:Rua Taroba 1005 Apto 1303
Eletrons Telecom
Address:AV. Des. Pedro Silva 2816