R. C. H. Industries
RCH Industries is leading manufacturer of vertical blind fabrics, we also provides technology and equipment or turn-key plant for productions exclusive an economical process producing high-end fabrics in your factory, limited installations throughout the world, ask details. ….
Address:4476 Chesswood Drive, Unit 12
Q Designs Inc.
We are an importer of custom window coverings, draperies and blinds for upscale homes and businesses. All of our products are for custom applications. Looking for new and innovative products to offer our customers in Canada and the U. S..
Address:1204 Sherwood Blvd NW
Solar Saving
Mefaco was established in 1999. The company run curtains / blinds production, retail and projects past years. name changed to Solar Saving. Our products include: photo voltaic systen installation;Solar domestic hot water system sales installation; powered Led lights;Solar remote control curtain ….
Address:1632 University Av
Leka international company
Leka international company located in Toronto, provides innovative, high-volume products to our consumers. invented Foldable Automobile Sunshade, which is patent pending USA and China, has OEM partner retailers are welcome. ….
Address:34 chamberlain ave
breen drapery hardware ltd.
Serving the Canadian market since 1949 as a wholesaler. Started as a manufacturer to mainly importing drapery hardware. Family owned and operated. Operating out of Toronto, ontario in a 15, 000 square foot warehouse..
Address:29 Esna Park Drive
Cart-King International Inc.
Cart-king international specializes in the design, manufacturing and delivery of indoor outdoor food retail carts kiosks. Our company team is comprised a number people representing an array backgrounds including mill-working, electrical engineering. ….
Address:1-242 West 4th
Monte Carlo Interiors Ltd.
Address:415 Oakdale Road, Unit 238
quebec multispheres inc.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThe BANDE PARAPLUIE protects the structures of recreational areas from decomposition caused by rain water, extending their life spans twice as long, or even more. It is applied on upper surface joists and foldable fins, forcing water to drain off quickly avoiding all contact with ….
Address:330 rue saint Louis
windows Plus By May-vin-tee,com
I established Windows Plus By May-Vin-Tee in 2009 after being overseas for a short time; realized that there are many affordable quality products the worldthat most companies don't see and therefore they have to pay premium on what offered. This happens not only North America but allover World. It is ….
Address:144 Shawinigan Dr
Chittom Equipment Ltd
Address:4960-13 Street SE
Address:525 LAWRENCE AV W# 623
st. thomas canvas and awning
Address:70 Progress Drive
SMH Right Source Inc.
Address:5469 Glen Erin Drive
Concord West Metal
Address:7749 kingsway
solaris by design
Address:90 BASALTIC RD
Exotic Bamboo Shades Ltd.
HiWe are a woven wood blind manufacturer and are currently seeking a supplier for the material for these blinds mostly the woven material. If you are interested could you please email us information to.
Address:6420 Sierra Morena Blvd S. W.
e world enterprises inc.
Address:848-1641 Lonsedale Ave.
Since 1995, SBM Inc has changed considerably. From a small craftman factory it was in the beginning, grown steadily to modern and ecological plant. Sbm is considered as pioneer North America for its use of an ecologic process on wood blind finish. We operate using most up-to-date machineries equipments ….
Address:8320, Place Lorraine
VanBC Trading Inc.
Address:# 117-12651 80th Ave.
el flash media
Address:5399 Charleroi# 1