Protek Company Pvt Ltd
We are well established company with qualified marine engineers.We do have business in other areas like communication services and travel service mainly safari diving.Our primary is exporting dry sea cucumbers, china.Looking for any potential markets cumber. ….
Address:Green Silk
gsi pvt ltd
This company was formed in 2005. The aim of this company is to give service, tecnical assistance and trade for customer specialy in the field of power generation. So far we have been giving service in diesel generating sets, power grid, damage assesments etc.
Zakari Investments Pte.Ltd
Zakari Investment Pte.Ltd is engaged in Import & Export Business. Based in Maldives. We export tuna, dried tuna, salted tuna and canned tuna.As for our imports, we mainly import sporting goods, vegetables,motorbikes etc..
Address:H. Rabee'ee Manzil
zags company
We are a local travel agency based in the Maldives. Our main business is supplying resort products selling holiday packages.We came to market 2002. And now we one of best tarvel do bookings, handilng agents and also ground handling flights. ….
Address:Bodurasgefaanu Magu
Time Sprint
I am hotel supplier and for government projects, mainly furniture many other related products. We even supply hard wear materials pre fabricated constuction systems. As maldivies is a very fast devoloping country we need new tecnologies devolopments. ….
Address:PA, Complex G-04
Sales Agent Pvt Ltd
We are 100% Maldivian company specialised in Marine products, souvenires, Marine Vessels and tourism in the Maldives..
Address:M. Hiyama
Ijsa Constructions
We are a newly formed contruction co. Going mainly on government projects,... Our company have many employ to compete to our competitors, for this we are now a major role in our small comunity,.. Our motive is costumers comes first.
Address:Naares, Zamaanee Goalhi,
Infotech Maldives Pvt Ltd
Infotech (maldives) pvt ltd. Was formed in 1993. is a company that designs systems and develop custom software. During the first two years infotech has mainly concentrated its efforts on software development.Realising need to provide total solutions customers, 1996 started off supplying hardware as ….
Address:Alikilegefaanu Magu
Teppser Web Development
Teppser - a part of lifeTeppser Web Developments providing you the excellent and Reliable web and its related solutions at the best prices in Maldives.
Address:Majeedhee Magu
Sunrise Maldives Pvt Ltd
We would like to introduce ourselves as a import/export company having affliate offices at india, kuwait and united states.We are mainly in industrial raw material, iron ore steel scrap business. have dealing lots of international companies during the past years. capable arrange any size shipment said ….
Address:Orchid Magu
Sun front pte. Ltd. Is one of the leading importer, wholesaler and retailer in Maldives. It's business was established since 1985 at present it has five outlets prime locations capital city male' to distribute our products. Scope company a sister sun Ltd effectively perform full range furniture ….
Address:H. Atheereege, 2nd Flr. Ameer Ahmed Magu
Multibiz Maldives Pvt. Ltd.
We are a trading company established in Male, Maldives. Our main activities to import goods and whole them the local market. not retail company. interested dealing with Palm Oil, sanitary napkin, creme cracker, energy drinks, soft drinks etc. . ….
Address:Ma. Ruvaakandaage,
Lisa Maldives Pvt Ltd
We are a Maldivian exporter and importing company engaged in importing different types of plastic bags and exporting fish products like dried tuna and sea cucumber. We have been doing import business for the last two years..
Address:M. Olhahali, Sabdheli Magu
sinnot investment pvt ltd
This company is astablished for a broad rang of bussines transection. We are located in maldievs,(H. flora, raivila higun) . At the moment our main obgective on construction & contrecting. Also we doing intrial disining. But feuter will be exporting fishing. importing constructional items. ….
Address:Ravila Higun
Trail Maldives Pvt Ltd
Address:M. Isle Heaven
falivalhu welding works
We are a welding and fabrication company which deals in our country. We fabricate all kitchen products such as hoods, recks. Etc. Our aim is to but the products from abroad and give services to our country.
Shishawa Holdings Pvt ltd
Im a retailer who does business in Maldives.Im selling textiles materials and also sports items. I look forward to buy some items from Alibaba.My Company has been fromed since 2003 and its still young..
Address:Sosun Magu
Shibros Pvt. Ltd.
We are one of the leading group in printing Maldives and as we want to expand our business, would like export products other countries well custom designs welcome. do on T-shirts, Mouse pads, Mugs, Tiles, Plates also banners Hand Painting T-shirts is ….
Address:06-01 Filaa Building, Ahmadhi Bazaar
De Voir International
A seafood company operating in the maldives. We exporet fresh yellowfin tuna (thunnus albacares) and canned tuna in brine/sunflower oil.Fresh yellowfin tuna is usd 12.50/kg cnf to all eu destinations.Canned tuna (185g x 48) is usd 26.40/case fob.
Address:Ahigas, Fareedhee Magu
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