Peter Krebsz
Address:4 eotvos ut
Buborek Kft.
Our firm was established in 1982 by my father. main profile for years only the selling of plastic bottles, but 10 ago we had started to sell lifts as well and nowadays already prefer this profile, because our annual sales range number employees are getting bigger. ….
Address:Haman Kato U.11.
plastiflex kft
We are a medium sized company specialized in producing PP bulk bags(FiBCs)based Hungary. bags for waste management,(bagsforhazardous goods), so called baffle e. G. A bag that keeps shape after filling as well various other packaging materials special purposes ….
Address:Ipari Park
Laminator Kft.
Our company is employed in manufacture automatic and semi-automatic laminating machines for aplication BOPP thermofilm, BOPP plain film and PE-foam in Hungary.More details on our website.
Address:Ady Endre
Alis 2000 Kft
ALIS2000 INC (AUTOMATIZATION, LOGISTICKS& INDUSTRIAL SERVICES) is a leading supplier and service provider tomanufacturing companies aroundthroughout the world.Our commitments to customer services technical expertise hasve been our trademark for success global expansion.Our customers ….
Address:Nagyszombati 11
Asso Imballo Kft.
We distribute a plentiful array of styles and sizes pizza boxesfor take-away. These packaging items are among the highest quality available in market most them fully printed with nice graphical designs.Furthermore our assortment contains wide range plastic such as cutleries, drinking cups, foam paper ….
Address:Tiszakomlo u. 4.
Address:Felsotanyai street 0116 / 97
Address:TVK Industrial site
Vas es Tarsai Kft
Address:Szarvaskut Dullo 49
Best Office & Logistics Kft.
Address:Pesti ut 474
Nordtek Imexco Kft
Address:Szonyi str. 72.
Tiszapapir Kft
Address:Paper machine 2
Eniko Orosz
Address:58 Nagy street
We making cherry wine since 1993. As far we know, are the only one in Europa. The sweet of cherry, manufactured and bottled by hand. Family run farm, from tree straight to bottle. Ideal for present buisness partners. contains 14% alcohol. There is no expiry date product, suggest drink 1-3 years if you like fresh ….
Address:Iskola u. 8
Hiros Europa Trans Kft
Address:Kekfesto u. 18.
Address:Vagas u. 58.
Trade - Trend Ltd
Address:Szegedi ut 46
AduPress Ldt.
Euro Perfect Team Kft.
Global International Sales and Marketing
Address:Naphegy ter 3 (feher kapu)
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