YUEPP kft.
YUEPP KFT. Is the European distributor of popular Noodle Chair product. is a floating device that does not require inflation. It utilizes PE-foam tube and chair made from lightweight durable polyester mesh. Cool off effortlessly float in water. ….
Address:Damjanich J. U.148
Unetex Ltd
We are manufacturing and trading with 100% cotton T-shirt and other knitwear Mens, Kids, Womens Tees, the fabric waight isRanging from 145 to 185 GSM.Our office and stockwarehouse is located in Budapest, Hungary.
Address:Berni Str 1
We are trading company for different brand named tennis and squash products. looking serious partners to expand our build up a stabil relationships. Mostly we East Europian customers offer distribution position some kind of accessories. ….
Address:32 Malom Street
Modellcentrum Bt.
Hungary distibutors company from Budapest.Sales: R/C models, cars, boats, airplanes & accessories.Established:1992. ( foremost in Hungary )We find internacional partner, make contact..
Address:Korvasutsor 78
Simitex Kft
Our firm is a family enterpise. We are working in the textile sector since 1989. started with circular knitted machines. Then we invested into screen printing machine. And this year made our own finishing department. manufacturer of single jersey micro-polyamide 6. 6 fabric elastane. also producing ….
Address:Erdesz Ut 16
Hegedu Varazs BT.
The company name: Hegedu Varazs BT. We making musical-instruments in Hungary. Our speciality is antiq-imitation. We making export to Germany,& Slowakia. We working with spiritus warnish & sometimes with oil-warnish..
Address:Attila str. 62 / B
Novo-Parts Ltd.
The Novoparts Kft. as an amusement and slot machines spares trade company have already 14 years experience on the International market. Our team is focused ont he customer's requests in our whole sale retails shops well WEB shop. extremly wide range of products can provide a great opportunity to all ….
Address:32 Kesmark Street
Hungarian Budo Kft.
We are specialised in importing martial arts related sporting goods. We have one store in the city center of Budapest, Hungary. We would like to contact professional suppliers from all over the world, to make our product range wider..
Address:Seggtorta u. 16.
Claudia Bonni Bt
Address:Beke utca 27
Let us introduce our company and products in a few sentences. DEAKY FISHING TACKLE is family based company, located 60km North from Budapest, at Ketbodony.We started manufacturing fishing lead weights 1984 to supply the Hungarian market. The big tackle wholesalers exported Western Europe with great ….
Address:Madach u. 1
Boa Hungary Kft.
Address:10. Petervarad utca
Address:kossuth L. u. 8
Address:Becsi u. 120.
Novotrading Co., Ltd.
Address:Szentendrei str. 89-95.
nummulite Ltd.
Our company is located in Hungary/EU, trading mainly within EU. We are buying and selling branded apparel footwear products, women dresses but also with agripellet raw material producing machines. Please have a look brief selection of our portfolio at alibaba. feel free to contact us case you interest ….
Address:Szt Istvan
Halasz Divat Kft
Address:arpad ter 6
Multi-H Ltd
Address:Szidonia u. 1
Halasz Divat Ltd
Address:Arpad Te 6
Hauer and Grossmann Ltd.
We are manufacturer of complete video slot machines and multigames, located in Hungary. Our product range includes single dual monitor with wooden, metal slant top cabinets. in-house development team provides exciting cool games the highest quality extraordinary computer generated 3D graphics. offer ….
GTC WorldWide LTD.
Address:POB 235
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