Moor Works / Trade Seed
We are the label that just started since 2004, our investor (our head-company, Wingsongs) Has done distro-bussiness 2002, Mainly distributed domestic artist. Our main business is manufacturing Japanese version of US (or other) artist's CD adding some value to customer like Bonus tracks ….
Address:2-25-9, Showgeng, Izumi
Invisione, LLC
We are doing Web Design business.We are also doing some internet business such as selling products on the internet..
Address:18 Showakachi
Prince Corpt. Int Ltd
Prince Corporate Int. Ltd. Founded oct 1999. We are Importer and Exporter, of verious used Good, We are always ready to supplyAny quintity of goods, We are reliable..
Address:Chuo-Ku Shimo Ochia 4-4-19, 202
Amber solutions
We provide to our clients full distributed applications and e-commerce solutions.The company opened the first branch in Tokyo, Japan, December 2000, due demand of software products Japanese Market. After three years operations, we have Amber Solutions a fully registered Company, March 2004. currently ….
Address:Ebisu 2-29-2-1202
Vicareilou Inc. Penshop International Operation starts January 11, 2007 and operated in Kanagawa Prefecture JAPAN,Change to Nagoya City, Aichi Ken the company is engaged ~PRINTING SERVICES~ABS-CBN TFC KO (Video-On-Demand)~AUTHORIZED DEALER,~BRASTEL SMARTPIT~PREPAID CELLPHONES~BROADBAND ….
Nippa Tech
Lim Hui Si
Address:TIEC, 2-79 Aomi, Koto-Ku
Institute of Audio-Visual Medical Education (IME)
We are a multimedia production company specialising in the field of medical education and other health related educations. Our customers chiefly schools, nursing libraries, reserch centers, hospitals. For over 31 years' our history, we have been marketing various DVDs for to these customers. ….
Address:F4 TOYA-BLDG 7, 1-8-17 Kami-Takaido
KR Trading Co., Ltd.
Katsura, KR Trading's parent company, first developed the patented SK rubber roller in 1923 and contributed to industry as a pioneer for printing rollers Japan. Since then, we have been commitment developing original products creation of new technologies. These efforts made "Katsura ….
Address:1-4-10 Tokiwamachi Chuo-ku
Japanexperts provides cross cultural and sustainable management training in English or Japanese to companies doing business Japan. We run a monthly seminar where local entrepreneurs provide workshops on tools available for those You can attend these seminars by going HTTP:// smallbiz. meetup. com / 425 ….
Address:Kanagawa Science Park West 300 D 3-2-1 Sakado, Takatsu-Ku
Awakers, Inc.
We import foreign brands into Japan's e-commerce (PC and mobile commerce) market. market is approximately 43. 9 billion dollars (roughly 1 / 5 the size of America's 200 dollar market) ; while it substantial size, often overlooked due to unique nature Japanese (so different has been compared ….
Address:7F Isehan Bldg Ginza
Autofact Incorporated
We are a software company in Japan, engaged the following fields;Developing 3DCG/Modeler,Developing point-clouds processing system,Developing computational programs for civil engineering and mechanical systems etc,Customizing existing customers' requirements,Developing special upon ….