Investment Between French and Chinese Entrepreneur Association
Investment Between French and Chinese Entrepreneur Association has a very professional group in investment. You can find great sum of market information between China France our association, if you want to go china for exhibition, don't hesitate contact us. ….
Address:46 Street Yves Decugis Villeneuve D'ascq
Cabinet WARF
WARF is specialised in helping Foreign companies sell their products Europe at minimum costs and risks. Our services include the following:1. Sales AgentWe can be Agent to market test for style, quality price with potential buyers. We show samples, take orders, supervise deliveries, payment client ….
Address:253 Rue St Honore
Data Link Process
Data Link Process provides exclusively Middle East Business Directory.You can order the following country:Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE.The directory comes in an MS Excel format having fields:* company name* city* PO Box* Decision Maker telephone* fax* E-Mail* website* activity ….
Address:Rue republique
St Bois Concept
With over thirty years of experience in the wood transformation, ST BOIS is one European leader leisure furniture business!The brand new Bois billiards factory located near NANTES at 350 km south west PARIS.Our state-of-the-art production lines together with professionalism our colleagues allow ….
Rgservices netinovWe provide webdesign, logo design, flash animation, printing service for you.Our aim is too satisfied our customers with a very good quality service and at very competitive prices..
Address:5 Square René Daumal
Custom sourcing for select clients.
Address:6 Rue De La Source
Kis Photo-Me
Kis is selling minilab equipements since 1946. . We are as well consumables parts such chmical and paper. can supply several kind of brand paper fuji suprem or CA, konica, kodak agfa. Our price EXW very competitive. Please reply to my mail adresse for more information. ….
Address:2110 Avenue Du General De Gaulle
Patrick ROUX
Specialist food, water, I rise in industrial food processing water and several promising market computer science.I advise, am setting up business units.My is West Africa now France.Currently I'm trying to open an office France distribute consumer electronics, hardware, software... ….
Business Overseas
Our company is localized in France (near Paris) and India (Bangalore)We are Consulting specialized for operations emerging markets: - purchasing- business development- partnership- consulting- market test- local follow up of production- quality assessment- sourcing supplier ….
Address:16 rue capitaine Ferber
Transport Marketplace
PresentationLeader in B2B transport logistics industry, TM brings together global shippers and carriers, allowing them to submit requests for quotations or make bookings. MembersThe are companies seeking a solution the of their goods freight on domestic international market, by air, sea road. The ….
Address:9 Rue Des Brindes
Sarl Prizee. Com
Prizee.SARL is a French company created in September 2000. From only 1 employee at the start of company, we are now 106 employees January 2007. Our annual sales increase off 100% each year. We sending more than 60. 000 gifts to our players month. 2 / 3 come from seller that found on alibaba. ….
Address:22 Allee Alan Turing
Ivisible Ltd
IP cameras.
Address:14 Rue Paul Guieysse
PERROLAZ International Consulting
PERROLAZ International ConsultingInternational Business and Geographical Development. Export Commercial Marketing studies. Foreign Partners Agents Search. Licencing. Sales. Sourcing. Search for suppliers, raw materials manufactured products abroad. France, Europe, NAFTA, Latin America, ….
Address:? Rue Des Halles
Sojeng Ltd
Sojeng Ltd is a trading company with 2 online shops..
Address:14 rue du docteur Schalow
My new compagny which has a brilliant force in the field of marketing. We help travellers has to sell their cancelled tickets.We sell: Train, plane, cruising;tickets.The travellers can deposit their cancelled advertisements to sell their tickets..
Address:4 Rue Ambourget
Oya trading and consulting is a company, based in France, that links together importers exporters between europe(europeanunion members) asia(inparticular China, hong kong taiwan).Our aim to be the intermediary small medium companies(asianand european ones). We provide assistance their business ….
Address:8 Allee Benoit Frachon
France immat
Founded in 2005 France.Firt object = importation and distribution of vehicles spare parts. Market FranceFrom 2009, new important activity : registration French DatabaseNew vehicules, used vehicles, 2 wheels, 3 4 wheels.Market France (auto/moto professionals). ….
Address:320 Rue Saint Honore
Continental Company(R)
Location - france, company set up in 2.000, a threelingual web site (english, french & russian) with some history and general information one can find at our active ship's marine safety equipment, ships sales, oil rigs etc. Getting into w africa. ….
Address:126, Rue Du General De Gaulle
negoce service company
We trade in many and various sector, as oil, finance, goods, import export so on.One of our speciality is the consulting we receive demand client who have to buy or sell sime good services. This where they require service make reserch their demand. ….
Address:32 Rue Letort
Our company has two main location, in France and Brazil. We have a list of customers from different countries. The was set up 2005.We rent 3 properties salvador, Brazil, the historic quarter, classified "world humanity patrimony" by unesco.We partnership with business plus Brazil.We long ….
Address:Castel Ansaldy A,19 Rue Racine
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