Centralmerc is a trading and wholesaler company based in Luanda Angola, since 1994. Its main activity is the comercialization and distribution of all type of products. More recently, we are investing in the construction industry in Angola.
Address:Rua Salvador Allende
VASMA- Comercial
I Povide and import freezer machines, we install, repair etc. I am the owner dont have fellow.I commercialize freezer box, ice factory, isotermics etc. I six years on the market. I sell service to one of the biggest company of telecommunications.
Address:22 / 32 Str. Assalto De Moncada
Gumbe Comercial
We are a company in luanda angola. We work with supermarkets and all the bigs cash and carrys in angolaWe are established in th south too.If you have interested in join us send us an e-mail and we are able too coooperate with you..
Address:First Congress Avenue 19 R/C
Sandra e sonia it's a angolan company, stay in the south of de country and we sell all funny things, specilly gitfts. We hope to be come the queen's of funny and rare. We can also distribuite order product's in angolan market..
Address:Nossa Sra Do Monte
Central de Ideias
Marketing and Publishing Agency specialised in a range own editions and licensed editions for the Tourism market. Event organisers of FITEC (International Tourism and Culture Exhibition, Luanda,14 to 17 September, Luanda, Angola).
Address:Rua Fernao De Sousa Dias No30 R/C
Likizema Ltd
Likizema Ltd is an Angolan company that based in Luanda, capital of Angola. Our the building and commerce industry.With ten years business considered as one most well growing companies bulding industry(among local companies). As a result good performance, by our company, we are focusing into ….
Address:Rua Comandante Che Guavara No 197 5' D
organizacoes viva domingos comercio&industria ltd
, we are established since 2000 and our main bussines is the mobile phone accessorie And need some more contact arround world. have many through alibaba.But can enter in with suppliers, now registreed I thing every will go all right ….
Address:Bairro Cassenda Casa No25 Luanda Angola
Mundo International Angola
Mundo International Angola is the direct marketing and distrubution company that operates in 4 provinces Angola: Kuando Kubango, Bie, Lunda Norte Huila Province.Mundo apart from trading rough diamonds have business interest fishing, mining, retail property development sectors. ….
Address:Tuala Avenida 14-B3
Akhenaton Trading Lda
We are one of the big distributer of hair product. We buy our product from south- Africa and Nigeria. It is our intention to known the China market and to see possibility to make joint ventury with chines compagny in that fields.
Massemba Com. Ltd.
Org. Massemba COM. General Ltd.Established in 1993, we are dedicated to trade and export vessel to demolition and scrap. We sell to Europe, Portuguese and Spanish market. Our clients will provide you commercial references, if necessary.
Address:Comandante Kwenha No 134
Jocaju Lda
We are a small company with high espectations, started our services in zaire province angola right know we expanding to the locao areas of contry like provinces benguela luanda and namibe, also doing job placement assistence oil companyes inside soyo-zaire. ….
Address:Maianga Rua Padre Manuel# 154
sanura, lda
We are a company that works direct we the head office of police department angola and one most important partner them for supplier their needs. buy food products, furniture chairs, raw materials, like cement in containers ….
Address:Valodia Street
Casa Comercial Ngoma Pemba Mazebo
Casa comercial ngoma pemba mazebo is a all trade company, seeking international partnership to implement business in Angola; we are ready to start with sell of clothes, food and beverages, transportation etc,.
Address:Bairro Operario Zona 10 Rua H 35 A
Citylar International Corp
Citylar International Corporation, it is a Brazilian company, that has two branches in Angola, which distributes products for construction business, as several types of steel-beams, equal angles, reinforcing bars, flat foils, steel plates, tubes, galvanized wood, and other products, heavy machines, ….
Address:Roosevelt Street 112 - Cj 51
Light Solutions Lda.
New company established to face the growth of advertising market in one faster growing countrys world. Outdoord and stands for advertising. The former personel are coming from different companys Angola Portugal.Situated Lubango, Huila, ….
Address:Boca Da Humpata S/N
Boulat Network
Offshore Asset Protection, Offshore Real Estate, Foreign Exchange Trading, Private Investing, High Yield Investing, Multi-purpose Debit Cards and Preloaded Debit Cards, US Based Bank Account opening advisory, Business Ventures.
Address:Lobito Relojoaria Exacta
We are a trading company based in luanda, republic of angola, founded in 2004 dealing in cigarettes& tabacco.With the production of its own brands of cigarettes the company has gained considerable market space for the product..
Address:Largo Do Pelourinho, 3/4
mobile analytics limited
Address:YORK HOUSE, 68
Semac Wood
Address:Street Comandante Valodia, 31
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