Mike Trading&Consulting
We are based in Europe(France ) and we have partners India, Venezuela Denmark USA.In India trade with Twinsexport company, USA a big group: Ahfi, Venezuela, work oil field(crude trader ).Both reliable, but only unsanitized documents.For urea: CIS manufacturer has representation office Denmark.For ….
Address:171 Av. Camille Pelletanc/O Ass. Cap Social Logement
The company shall provide Buyer or seller for any financial instruments duly registered with Isin Cusip: Bank guarantee, Mtn. We work our partner in Taiwan, Hong kong, London and Frankfurt direct clients that we expand since one year ago, available kind of deals. ….
Address:5 Rue Helen Keller
Address:23, rue Saint Denis
Emgs Group
At emgs group we trade in bulk used computers whether it is to buy or sell. We sell and buy used monitors, systems, printers and parts. All brands: hp, compaq and dell. . . Systems: p3 and p4Monitors: CRT and TFT.
Address:27, Rue De Rouen