Salescon Trading And Servicing Ltd.
Spare part production for aim m/c's.Trading with spare parts of and components the electronic industry.Shoe design programm developing models.English-hungarian, hungarian-english translation.Trading wide range goods. ….
Address:Kovako 22
RUXIMP LTD has been in the import/export business for last ten year with trust and agreements of surrounding countries. Mainly dealing food products from Hungary supplies catering restaurant hotel chains. The scope company includes supplying raw material, technologies know-how to plants. ….
Address:Gyulai Ut Hrsz.1385
Cranberry Ltd.
We are the manufacturer of the ultra-premium RUBYRED Cranberry juice. Products are packed in The European Union and available in 1 litre metallic TETRA Prisma packages for Worldwide distribution. for more information about the products please contact us..
Address:Krisztina Krt. 2-4.
Multico Kft
Our company imports and distributes rabbit hair and wool hats, wool caps, leather caps for ladies, men, kids. Also imports leather gloves, swimming clothes, bikinis, scarfs. Also we exports rabbit skins for hat factories..
Address:Kaposztasmegyeri u.12/B
Rozsdas Ltd.
Our company is in the ferrous and non-ferrous scrap market from 1996. history started as a small center of Hungary. For now we became strong medium-sized enterprise, delivering to several Western ans Eastern European foundry. We are looking for new partners sell scraps, mainly copper brass, quality ….
Address:Baross Str 1
Optix Ltd is a wholesaler of optical products for more than 15 years. Our product range includes sun-glasses, spectacle frames, lenses and cases other accessories as well. main distribution chanel our webshop system where you can find order most products. We try to keep database updated however there are ….
Address:Gyar Utca 2.
Partner 21 BT
- we are a small company in budapest- we were based in 2000- we are a distributor of drinks in budapest- our annual income is under 200.000$- we want to trade through European countries with branded soft drinks and beers..
Address:209. Damjanich St.
Di Hwa Enterprise Kft
We are a trading company in Hungary and we supply multy layer parquet to eastern Europe with top layers from wood species like American Cherry, Walnut, Teak, Tigerwood, IPE, Wenge, Merbau, etc. also construction companies as well truck trailer producer other merchands plywood, blockboars, chipboards ….
Address:Matko II, Ker 78
Tolnai Pal es Tarsai Kereskedelemi es Szolgaltatoi bt.
We based in Hungary, have shop, workshop and depot (500 m*m) . Our business (80% ) Holz selling working, unit fix furniture fabrication. 12 retainer. not aminous exhibit. This is one march with Your limited. Products purchase, then sales Hungarian posteriorly EU firms heads small bulk. They want square ….
Address:II. Kk. 101 / 7.
Rivulus Bt
Company from Hungary importing directly from growers and selling in Hungary and Romania fresh cut tropical flowers (Heliconia, Ginger, Shampoo, Musa, Anthurium, Gypsophila) , roses from Ecuador, tropical fresh cut foliage. Best prices..
Address:Vorosmarty 3
Riversdale Hungary
The Riversdale GroupRiversdale is one of Europe's dynamically growing distributors branded consumer products since 2001.DistributionOur success in hypermarket business development and product portfolio consolidation 2006 resulted a significant expansion our distribution ….
Address:Becsi ut
Revoo Kft.
We are a manufacturer of high quality workwears. Also resellers of workwears and safety products. We have lots of gloves, shoes, caps, helmets, aprons, and trousers. Another business what we are involved is the poker chips and cards..
Address:Csabavezer U. 39.
Gift Supplying Center Ltd.
We are a trading company dealing with promotional items on the Hungarian market. We purchase products to our client from far east many times. We are open to know more far ester trading and manufacturing company..
Address:Arany Janos St. 9. II. / 5
RedFred R&D Ltd.
Address:Raho Str. 2-8 / B.
Rabahun kft
Zsirai Andras I.E.
Address:Danko Pista utca 2.
Diamond Coin Ltd.
The main proposal to import electronic porducts to EU and sell to the Eastern markets.
Address:Semsey Andor u. 9
Wax-House Ltd.
We are fashion jewellery wholeseller..
Address:Iskola U. 66
Promontorbor Rt. Vineyards&Winery
Promontorbor Rt is one of the largest Hungarian wine industry, producing and storing 8-10 million litres per year. The company was established in 1880 Budafok: This area famous for its cellar labyrinth hollowed limestone, which contiguous system Europe, providing ideal temperature humidity aging. ….
Address:Kossuth L. U.82-94
Diart Bt. (Ltd.)
We are looking for different products, what we can distributing in Hungary and our webshops. Mainly Chinese producers with profitable special products..
Address:Cserhat u. 26.