YM Company
Since 1997 we have estabish our business as a mexican trading company. Successfully entered into worldwide markets selling wide range of products. Our main exports include countries such germany, japan, u. S. Mexico, brazil and australia. Also import products nearly form 20 worldwide. goal is to sell ….
Address:Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez 714-B
VDB International Representations
We have sold over the last 35 years, textile machinery such as Mayer, Wildmand Jacquard and Camber to knitting industry, heat transfer paper from beginning (Sublicolor, Miroglio) are ver active selling industrial yarn in cotton poly / cotton, polyester presently look introduce dependable acrylic on a ….
Address:Parque Malinche 29
Tejidos y Tricot sa de cv
Tejidos y tricot is a circular and warp knitting factory located in Mexico cityAnd founded 1972. We are the commodities business we always need good priced yarns. can work with small lots, odd lots only whites. also use smallBobbins counts of beams. ….
Address:San Andres Atoto 22
Servicios Integrales Dragon, S.A. de C.V.
We are manufacturers of medical disposable product based on nonwoven fabric, product such as surgical gown, cover bed, cover shoe, cover boot, mask, etc. We are located 200 miles from Laredo, TxU.S. border.
Address:Av. Del Triunfo 641, Los Robles
simasa universal
Our company is located in the country of Mexico in Mexico city distrito federal. , it was founded in the year of 1990; we are a trading company, we either sell and buy any kind of products and raw materials all around the world..
Address:Av. Contreras 488-602
We are growing company located in Mexico. looking for 100 % polyester sewing thread 5,000 M length. prefer to have the following counts ranging:40/2,30/2 and 30/3. would be glad receive your price list please let us know if you can send samples a color card. ….
Address:Mitla 104 Col. Unidad Modelo
We are an international trading company currently working with the Mexican market. have worked South America, Caribbean, Canada and Europe providing worldwide product sourcing, market research, labeling delivering door to door. work well established partners companies. Our knowledge in is ….
Address:5 De Febrero No. 50
Mario Pesso y CY.
Address:Jorge Eliot No 12-802
avila textiles internacionales s.a.c.v.
Address:lib cadereyta-atongo km 4. 8
Basculas Trejo
Textiles El Fresno, S.A. de C.V.
We are a company that spins, knitts and finishes it's own fabrics. We produce chifon, pique and fleece in plain colors and stripes. Magnificent prices..
Address:Lindero Num. 5
Grupo Cocoking s.a. de c.v.
We produce Gold High Quality coconut fiber, we are located in the center of Mexico at pacific coast, middle heart palm plantation. have asian technology to can suply up 500 MT per month china market. Feel free contact our company and send your inquires . ….
Address:16 de Septiembre No. 71
Address:fuego 133
Leather Mazi
Address:Londres 41
La Poblana
La Poblana's mission is to provide its clients with exceptional service that distinguishes it from competitors, both national and foreign, developing fashion in record time, without neglecting quality standards. The fundamental values of this are: Punctuality, work, honesty, personal ….
Address:29 oriente 403
Address:Carr. Cuautitlan-teoloyucan Lote 1 sector 82-B
Textil Oferta
Address:5 sur 915
Tanek International
We are a Mexican company that has been Importing hides for USA, Canada and Cetral America proccesing in to Wet Blue over the last 12 years. process as well. can offer salted hides, blue whole or Splited. Please ask our prices. ….
Address:Lago Indian 128
Address:68 Chopos Av.
Dulce Cortes
Started in 1960 and from 1970 we have become a 100% cotton specialists. We manufacture high quality of cotton products for upholstery, footwear, hats, table linen and home furnishing..
Address:Las Aguilas 1693
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