YM Company
Since 1997 we have estabish our business as a mexican trading company. Successfully entered into worldwide markets selling wide range of products. Our main exports include countries such germany, japan, u. S. Mexico, brazil and australia. Also import products nearly form 20 worldwide. goal is to sell ….
Address:Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez 714-B
We are a group involve in the leather and shoe bussines, we can provide you leather for make women shoes, handbags, we can also help you in distribute shoe articles in mexico and north america, we have contact in this areas..
Address:Chimborazo 1254
Asesoria Internacional
I am a customs and commercial broker for several companies in Mexico. seek buyers sellers worldwide my customers. also legal importer Mexico with specific license toys any other product which requires no license. take care of the whole operation from negotiation, to payment, classifying merchandize on ….
Address:Calle Coahuila y 7a No 580-B
Calzatecnia S.A. de C.V.
Calzatecnia is a mexican growing business that manufactures leather strips and cords for the footwear industry.Althought our market focus in Mexico, we are looking to expand international markets.We developing new products, not only industries.We an italian's material machinery supplier ….
Address:Av. Unidad 100-d Col. Valle De Infonavit