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Leather Mazi
Address:Londres 41
Tanek International
We are a Mexican company that has been Importing hides for USA, Canada and Cetral America proccesing in to Wet Blue over the last 12 years. process as well. can offer salted hides, blue whole or Splited. Please ask our prices. ….
Address:Lago Indian 128
Valencia Piel, S.A. C.V.
Address:Av. Gardenia# 106 Col. Jardines De Jerez
Tannery based in Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico since 1939. In June 2007 was finish the expansion of the production capacity to tan 20, 000 sides per month on vegetable and chrome / vegetable. Exporters since 1990 to United States, Canada and Europe..
Address:Oriente 12# 103
Comercializadora De Pieles el Toro
Dear Friend: We are a Mexican company that was founded in 1985 Leon, GTO (Mexico), with more than 20 years of experience the dedicate to sell salted skins cow, goat, sheep, lamb for industry leather, sells skin 210 tons per month. With creates new brand and now wet blue crust. We exposed Shangai, China: ANCLE ….
Address:Av. Universidad